Saturday Standouts: Final Edition

North Carolina

Posted On: 04/30/18 4:01 PM

Fayetteville Hoop Dreams 2019 Guard Te’andre Walton: You can always tell when a youngster plays football and basketball, this is truly clear when you watch him play. Obviously he doesn’t have an issue with playing through contact and is athletic with a strong frame which helps him finish even when he is being fouled.

Fayetteville Hoop Dreams 2019 Guard Steven Koumanen: One of the better shooter that we saw all day, he can knock down shots from deep, especially in catch and shoot situations. He wasn’t called on a ton last year for his high school team but you should expect to see him step in and step up next season for the Wolverines.

NC Panthers 2019 Forward Jonathan Wright: One of the best bigs that we saw throughout the day, he did a lot of things well and should have a nice season at Westover next year. Rebounding the ball at a high level, blocking shots, finishing above the rim, setting hard screens, the list goes on and on with the things that he showed that he can do well.

Fayetteville Hoop Dreams 2019 Guard Rico Polk: It didn’t take him long to get going for his squad, as soon as the game began he scored the ball at a high level and gave his team the confidence that they needed. He’s quick, athletic, and doesn’t back down from any challenges, always playing the game with confidence.

NC Dream Team 2021 Guard Josh Wilkins: He’s young but the upside he has to be good is evident, just watching him over the span a few games makes you intrigued about his potential. Fundamentally sound and always doing what his team needed from him, you have to be impressed with the mature attitude that he has at such a young age.

NC Dream Team 2020 Devin Seymour: The defensive end of the floor is where he made his mark, he doesn’t take plays off and is always applying pressure to opponents. He is what we would define as a ‘‘pesky’’ defender, regardless of how many moves you hit him with, he is still around and causing havoc on the offensive opponent.