Jayden Johnson, Batavia

Posted On: 04/6/18 6:00 AM

This weekend PrepHoopsIllinois will have coverage of the ROCK Spring Classic in Madison, Wisconsin.  We are looking forward to evaluating a different group of teams that we were not able to see the first weekend of the spring.

Some of the Illinois teams in attendance include Chicago Lockdown, Illinois T-Wolves, Young & Reckless, Team Rose, Epic Hoopoz, Fundamenal U, Hoops Avenue, Illinois Blaze, Illinois D1 Express, Illinois Attack, and more!

Top 2019 prospects at the event to watch include Jeremiah Hernandez (Young & Reckless), Chris Roberts (Young & Reckless), Artese Stapleton (Young & Reckless), Jeremiah Washington (Young & Reckless), Keenon Jones (Young & Reckless), CJ Benton (Young & Reckless), Trey Boston (Young & Reckless), Mohammad Alausa (Young & Reckless), Myles Baker (Team Rose), Dajuan Gordon (Team Rose), Kejuan Clements (Team Rose), Spencer Boehm (Fundamental U), JR Cison (Fundamental U), Alex Timmerman (Fundamental U), Nate Ferguson (Chicago Lockdown), Nolan Niego (Chicago Lockdown), Jaheim Holden (Hoops Avenue), and more.

The 2020 prospects to watch for out of Illinois include Jayden Johnson (Fundamental U), Luke Scheffers (Fundamental U), Reggie Strong (Young & Reckless), Kee Hargrow (Young & Reckless), Keshawn Williams (Young & Reckless), Seryee Lewis (Young & Reckless), Josh Holmes (Young & Reckless), Ja’Quan Davis (Young & Reckless), Demarius Splunge (Team Rose), Ramean Hinton (Team Rose), Dan Florey (Team Rose), Christian Shumate (Chicago Lockdown), Grant Niego (Chicago Lockdown), Connor Glennon (Chicago Lockdown), and more!