Rock Classic: Saturday Standouts


Posted On: 04/7/18 11:00 PM

PrepHoopsIllinois was at the Rock Spring Classic in Madison, Wisconsin on Saturday for a full day of hoops.  There were quite a few Illinois teams in the building.  Take a look at the standouts from Saturday’s action!


PG Kejaun Clements (Team Rose 17U)

Clements is ready for the next step in his career.  New travel team this spring and next year the keys to the Simeon Wolverines are his.  The combo guard showed off his full game!  He hit pull up jump shots including hitting one where he crossed his man then drilled it in his face.  Clements also got to the rack using his strength to finish in traffic.  Passed it with crisp dishes particularly in the half court finding his teammates for quality shots.  He was a beast defensively with his anticipation creating turnovers that his team capitalized on at the other end.


SG Myles Baker (Team Rose 17U)

Baker was outstanding in Team Rose’s first game on Saturday.  Was aggressive taking the ball to the hoop and not settling for jumpers.  He attacked downhill off the bounce and in the open floor.  Best I have seen him get to the rim consistently in his career.  Crashed the glass and pushed it the other way.  Was particularly effective in the drive/kick game as a passer.  In the night game he connected from three with his clean stroke.


SG Dajuan Gordon (Team Rose 17U)

Gordon is a long and rangy 6’4” shooting guard that has a lot of projectability.  Size, frame, and athleticism are all boxes he checks off.  Gordon got out in the open floor where he was a tough cover being so athletic with his ability to fill the lane as a wing finisher or beat them off the bounce.  He has a nice euro step in the lane.  Gordon can really shoot it from three off the catch being particularly fond of the corners especially.


PF Spencer Boehm (Fundamental U 17U)

Boehm is a high academic post that stands at 6’8”.  He is a low post presence with his ability to finish with sound footwork, a soft touch, and crafty moves on the block.  Can use a little power every now and then as well to finish through his man.  Boehm can finish with both hands around the rim.  Runs the floor well.  Capable offensive rebounder.  He had 13 points in a morning win.


PG Jamonte Benton (Illinois T-Wolves 17U)

Benton is a point guard from Joliet West that ran the show.  He is a tough and physical guard that has range on his jumper.  Drilled multiple mid-range pull ups and stretched it out to three at times.  Gets to the foul line with his toughness in the lane.  Solid passer that finds teammates in the paint.


PG Chris Roberts (Young & Reckless 17U)

Roberts did nothing in the first half of Y&R’s game that we saw.  Then he completely flipped the script putting on a show in the second half.  He is a scoring point guard that is SO FAST!  He attacks downhill.  Began things by going coast to coast on back to back possessions.  It was on after that!  Roberts is a bit wild with the ball at times, but you can live with that with what he brings to the table.  He got to the rim at will scoring on an array of and-1s and spin moves in the paint.  Didn’t show much in the way of a jumper or passing in this game, but he got his team the comeback win with his scoring.  Roberts had 18 points.


PF Nate Ferguson (Chicago Lockdown 17U)

Ferguson might have been the most impressive prospect we saw all day.  The 6’7” four man from Lemont played above the rim like I had never seen him do before.  Ferguson has always been looked at as a skilled four that could score on the block and face up.  Saturday night he put on an air show with his thunderous slams!  Ferguson showed incredible explosion and pop off the floor that we weren’t expecting.  He played aggressive and with authority.  Ferguson has added 15 pounds of strength over the last year and has filled out his frame.  That has allowed him to be an above the rim post.  His most impressive finish was catching a full court alley oop.  Blocked shots defensively.  Didn’t really shoot it in this one instead attacking with his dribble.  Finished with 23 points.


SF Colin O’Rourke (Breakaway 16U)

O’Rourke impressed us with his play early in the morning on Saturday.  The 6’5” combo forward is a super productive player.  He isn’t the most athletic and struggles a bit with length, but he just gets stuff done.  O’Rourke has long strides and showed that off with a couple strong baseline drives.  Mostly a slasher that runs the floor well.  Capable of hitting a shot every now and then.  Rebounds very well for his size.  He had 21 points.


SG Ramean Hinton (Team Rose 16U)

Hinton is already a top 20 prospect in the 2020 class, but he elevated his stock even more with his play.  The power wing has size and athleticism for days.  Powerful getting in the lane and finishing at the cup.  The area he has improved the most is his perimeter jump shot.  Hinton was drilling pull up threes from all over the floor.  He was really confident in his shot going down.  Rugged wing also gets on the glass.  Finished with 22 points.


SF Jayden Johnson (Fundamental U 16U)

Big fan of what this top 10 2020 wing brings to the table.  He will never jump off the floor at you athletically, but he is just so skilled.  Johnson is a 6’4” wing that can really shoot the basketball from the perimeter.  Outstanding shooter particularly off the catch.  Johnson lets it fly from deep with a lot of confidence.  Can also shot fake and finish in the lane with a runner.  Competes on the glass.  He had 19 points.


PF Seryee Lewis (Young & Reckless 16U)

This was absolutely the best I have ever seen Lewis play.  He has always had the physical tools that profile as a D1 post, but the production was never there.  He brought his A game to Madison.  At 6’7” he has size and athleticism.  Lewis has a quick second jump which allows him to be a major presence on the offensive glass.  He was assertive on the boards crashing the glass with more aggression than we had seen on both ends of the floor.  Lewis made quick post moves and also connected multiple times from mid-range on his jumper.  Runs the floor very well when motivated.  Used his length defensively to alter several shots.  He had 18 points, 11 rebounds, and 3 boards.


PG Jeremiah Washington (Young & Reckless 16U)

Washington is a quick and shifty point guard with speed to burn.  Against D1 Minnesota Washington used that to breakdown a defense off the bounce with his killer handle.  Consistently got in the lane.  He also proved to be a plus jump shooter off the bounce stopping and popping on a dime multiple times for three.  Also can get others involved with quick passes in the paint.  He had 15 points.


SF Kerwin Walton (D1 Minnesota 16U)

Walton impressed with his length both on the interior and perimeter.  The 2020 prospect blocked multiple shots from opposing guards.  He also defended well laterally staying in front of his man.  Offensively he crashed the glass with his explosive leaping ability.  Walton had a big dunk and even hit a pull up three.  This could be a prospect that elevates his stock a lot in Minnesota over the next year!