Posted On: 04/15/18 5:00 PM

Whitney Young point guard Tyler Beard is the #5 prospect currently in the 2020 rankings and he more than lived up to that billing with his play.  The Whitney Young sophomore is a freak show athlete with the way to uses his speed and leaping ability to make an impact on the game.  Beard rebounds extremely well for a guard high pointing them over bigger post players.  So fast in transition and is impossible to stop when he has opponents going backwards.  Plays above the rim finishing alley-oops with ease.  Defensively he also makes plays in the air swatting shots at an insane rate for a guard.  Mid-major plus prospect with high-major athleticism.

He missed the majority of the high school season, but came back late to have an impact in the state playoffs.

“I wanted to come back and help the team.  I didn’t want to try to do too much in the time I had.  I wanted to contribute and get down state again.  We wanted to win, but we got second place.  We will be back next year.”

Where did he see the most improvement since last summer in his game?

“Shooting at all levels from three and mid-range.  Dribbling and ball handling.  Being able to bring the ball up the court.”

On Meanstreets 16U Beard plays along with two other top 10 in-state prospects DJ Steward and Ahron Ulis.  They work together well.

“We like playing with each other.  That is really it.  We know we have to pass and share the ball.  All three of us as guards.  We know that nobody can stop us in the open floor and in half court sets.  We move the ball.”

What can he bring to a team at the college level?

“Honestly I am an all-around player.  I can play defense.  Play point guard and share the ball.  Do whatever I have to do to get the win.”

He updated us on his early recruitment.

“The offer from DePaul still.  Interest from Nebraska and Virginia.  Northern Illinois as well.”