Recruiting Report: Nate Ferguson (2019)


Posted On: 04/18/18 10:00 AM

Lemont 2019 power forward Nate Ferguson was one of the most impressive prospects we saw early in the spring.  The 6’7” four man played above the rim like I had never seen him do before.  Ferguson has always been looked at as a skilled four that could score on the block and face up.  This spring he showed incredible explosion and pop off the floor that we weren’t expecting.  He played aggressive and with authority.  Ferguson has added 15 pounds of strength over the last year and has filled out his frame.  That has allowed him to be an above the rim post.  Blocks shots defensively.  If Ferguson plays like this in the live period he will see his recruitment soar to reeling in mid-major offers.

He spoke about his junior high school season and where he grew as a player.

“It was pretty good.  A lot better than sophomore year.  Me and Paul (O’Leary) worked well together inside.  It was a good experience.  My ball handling improved.  I have been working a lot on that and trying to become more of a threat at the three at 6’7” and probably some shooting too.”

His work on his strength and explosiveness has really paid off!

“After last AAU season I worked out with a trainer lifting weights and trying to put on pounds.  I put on 15 pounds so I have worked a lot on my legs and explosiveness.”

What can he bring to a team at the next level?

“Athleticism, consistent shooting, and all-around defense.”

Ferguson has been a mainstay with Chicago Lockdown over the years and enjoys every minute of it.

“To play with all these guys is so much fun.  It is one of my favorite times of the year.  I am trying to enjoy it.”

What is up with recruiting?

“It kind of slowed down some during the high school season, but it is picking back up.  I have three D2 offers.  One from Ferris State who just won the D2 national championship.  Also Purdue-Northwest.”

He mentioned several D1 schools that have shown interest.

“Belmont, Nebraska, Maryland, and some others.  Also Samford.”

Ferguson went on a couple recent visits.

“I visited Belmont after last AAU season and I have visited Ferris State.”

On Tuesday Ferguson landed his first D1 offer from Winthrop!