Recruiting Report: Mason Ritter (2019)


Posted On: 04/9/18 8:47 PM

Six-foot-three guard Mason Ritter looks to have a bigger role in his senior season at Tea Area.

As a sophomore, he was a key role player for the Titans when they won the state title and was even more of a role player this year in Tea’s runner-up finish. He calls this last season a success even though they didn’t end on a win.

“I thought the season was good overall,” Ritter said. “It didn’t end like we wanted it to. We grew more and more as the season went on which helped us, in the long run, to make it to the state championship to try to defend our title.”

He averaged just under 12 minutes a game and made an appearance in every game this past season. When he’s in the game he doesn’t put up big numbers like the starters but makes up for it with his defense and his hustle. Ritter is averaging just under five points off the bench for the Titans this past season.

This summer Ritter looks to improve his game so he can have more of a bigger role come his senior season.

“I’ve seen my game go from being pretty one dimensional to being able to attack the rim and create space for myself and my teammates,” Ritter said. “My plans for this summer are continuing to workout and prepare for taking on a bigger role next season. I also hope to improve on my consistency on the offensive end as well as the defensive end and want to work on my ball handling when I’m in tough situations.”

With senior Chris Morales graduating this May, that leaves one starting spot open. It could go to Ritter or to another junior Zach Wilber who also saw decent minutes off the bench or another player come next season.  Ritter says he will do whatever it takes to bring home another championship.

“My mindset going into next year will really be to play with more confidence,” Ritter said. “Especially in my new role on the offensive and defensive side. I will do whatever it takes to help bring home another championship.”

Ritter will get a lot of added practice working on team chemistry with a couple teammates on the South Dakota Venom this summer. He will get to play with Kade Stearns, Kaleb Joffer, and Jack Unruh. 

“This summer I am playing with the South Dakota Venom,” Ritter said. “We are a very unselfish team and like to get up and down the floor quickly. It should be a very fun and memorable last season of summer ball.”

At this point, the junior has only been in contact with one college, but with a possibly bigger role could see more colleges looking at him in his final year in the yellow and blue.

“As of right now the only college I have been in contact with has been Mount Marty,” Ritter said.