Recruiting Report: Joshua Cross (2018)


Posted On: 04/13/18 2:44 PM

Joshua Cross is a pass first player who is unselfish and savvy.

The 2018 Lake Nona guard battled a knee injury early this season, but he wound up finishing with the 9th most assists in the state and as the all-time leader in assists at his school.

Currently, the 6’0″, 180-pounder holds an offer from JUCO program John A. Logan. He’s also drawn interest from Quincy, Midland, Barton, Montreat and St. Thomas.

An unsigned senior, Cross is playing right now for Game Speed Elite, an AAU team he’s been with since 7th grade.

“The program has taught me almost everything I know. Game speed is run by my uncle Dan Cross who is in the Florida Gators Basketball Hall of Fame,” Cross said. “He’s grown up with me in basketball since I was young, all of my skills as not just a point guard but a player have been groomed through him and my dad who also played at Southern Illinois University.

“My uncle has passed down everything to me especially the leadership it takes to play the point guard position, teaching me that it’s about knowing every position and being able to make the smart decisions based upon who I have on the court with me and who I’m playing against which he also taught me along with being a dog.”

Cross says his game has grown on the circuit because of the talent he’s been able to face. He credits it for making him a tougher player.

In terms of his biggest strengths, Cross pointed to his ability to get to the basket often, run the offense, play aggressive defense and make his teammates better.

He wants to continue to improve his play off the ball and his jump shot.

My biggest strengths are being able to get to the hoop whenever I want, running an offense, leading a team and playing aggressive defense, also being able to make my teammates better.

A natural point guard, Cross is currently working on other facets of his game to further his value. It looks like the JUCO route is his move right now and that isn’t a bad plan. He has a quiet confidence in his game and his vocal leadership is something that can help any college team at the next level.