Recruiting Report: Jamin Arend (2019)


Posted On: 04/9/18 8:37 AM

Bridgewater-Emery junior Jamin Arend helped his team to a 22-4 record this winter  scoring 14 points a game with five boards and 4.5 assists on average. What’s next for the senior-to-be of the Huskies?  PHD checked on Arend today.

Jamin was the third leading scorer for B-E and second on the team in both steals and assists.  “Things went really well for us this winter season and I’m glad I did it with the guys I had,” Jamin said.  “We didn’t quite get what we wanted in the end but it ended in a decent way.”

Arend has become more of a creator for his team this year as he’s improved his ability to attack defenses off the dribble.

“I believe some things that I am doing better at this point in my career is I’m attacking the basket and making more shots for my teammates,” Jamin said.

The off-season is now here and right now Arend hasn’t decided if he wants to spend his weekends competing at the high level of 17u basketball.

“I haven’t yet made my decision as to weather or not I really want to play AAU ball this summer or just do some camps for both football and basketball,” said Arend.

Huskies football went 9-3 last season and earned second place in state.  At 6-foot-0 and 185 pounds Jamin is a key factor for the football team at linebacker and running back.  He also has a potential future in football (or basketball) at the college level so preparing for the fall run is also important this off-season.

“A few colleges have talked to me such as the local ones. I have yet to make my decision as to what sport I will pick to play in college.”