Recruiting Report: Jack Duboff (2018)

Northern California

Posted On: 04/16/18 3:24 PM

With his high school basketball career now over, it’s time for Tamalpais point guard Jack Duboff to make a college decision.

That could be small-school college basketball, or that might be attending a bigger college just for academics.

“I’m thinking about it. I’m talking to a couple D3s and JuCos, but I’m not totally sure yet what I’m going to do.”

Duboff — who averaged 15 points, 3.2 assists and 2.9 rebounds per game for the Red Tailed Hawks — says he’s talked with Santa Cruz, Chapman, Santa Rosa and a couple others.

“I’m still thinking about maybe going to a bigger school and getting that experience, rather than a smaller one,” said Duboff. “I’m going to go on some tours here soon, then I’ll make a decision.”

A stellar point guard with a do-it-all style of play, Duboff could certainly benefit an area JuCo or D3 program

“I think my biggest strength is probably scoring and shooting the ball. And I definitely have good court-vision, and I work hard to try and get my teammates the ball,” said Duboff.

“I think I just need to get bigger and stronger, and a little more physical.”

Whatever he decides, the fact remains, that Tamalpais will have some big shoes to fill next at the point guard spot next season.

“In year’s past my job was to just score, and this year I had to do a little bit of everything,” Duboff said. “I tried to get my teammates involved a lot more, was always guarding good players, ran the offense, so I was basically doing a little bit of everything for my team.”