Posted On: 04/6/18 11:44 AM

Derek Techam is a junior from Delano that teamed with excellent teammates and his father Terry Techam – the head coach – to win a state title this year. All Smiles!

How much better can it get in basketball? Derek is a junior guard from Delano that was able to first, run around the Target Center and celebrate a state title that he heavily contributed to, and second, he was able to not only watch his father hoist the trophy as the head coach, but share a memorable hug that few will ever forget.

Derek and Terry Techam are champs, and nobody can ever take it away from them.

“This winter season was amazing,” Derek said. “We won the first state championship in our school’s history.”

Honestly, what more needs to be said than that? Delano won 21 games and Derek scored 13 points per game for the Tigers. Techam has a deadly jumper but he’s become more than just a shooter now that he is an upperclassmen.

“I have become a much better defender which was important for our team during the championship run and I have also become better at getting to the rim and either scoring or dishing it for a bucket,” Derek said.

Next up for Techam? The Comets Shootout which starts tomorrow. Techam is on the Comets Elite Lewis squad which is expected to be one of the top five teams in the state this year.

“I am playing for the Comets,” Derek said. “Our team is pretty similar to last year with just a few new faces and I think we should have a successful season.”

Three schools have been in contact with Derek the most at this point.

“U of Mary, Gustavus, and St. John’s have all been texting me,’ Techam said.