Recruiting Report: Connor LeBrun (2019)


Posted On: 04/19/18 10:00 AM

Six-foot-one Connor LeBrun looks to fill his brother’s shoes in his final season as a Flier.

Flandreau had one of the most under the radar seasons this past season in Class A. They knocked off defending state champ Tea Area in Mitchell earlier in the season and stuck with a lot of very good teams this past season.

The Fliers lost to Sioux Valley in the final seconds in the regional final. Even though their season ended on a heartbreaking note, LeBrun feels the season was a success.

“Things went pretty well last season in my opinion,” LeBrun said. “I think we shocked a lot of people by sticking with a lot of tough teams.”

Flandreau looks to carry over their success to next year and LeBrun will look to be a big part of that. To do so they just need to stay in the gym according to LeBrun.

“We will have some young guys having to play big roles next year,” LeBrun said. “So they will have to learn how to play at the varsity level. As for myself, I need to become a better all-around player. My shot needs to become faster and I need to be able to finish at the rim with a higher percentage than this year.”

Being able to play with a best friend or a relative is special, but being able to play with your brother for the last couple of years is something really special. It’ll be different next year not being able to play alongside his older brother Dylan LeBrun, but Connor looks to embrace his new role.

“Playing with Dylan has been special,” LeBrun said. “For any sibling, it is a privilege to be able to play together, especially at the varsity level from 8th grade to junior year. Dylan has taught me many things at the varsity level. He gets after me a bit at times, but I appreciated any type of encouragement from him. It is going to be different playing with him, as I am going to step up and hopefully try and fill his role as a leading scorer.”

He will get plenty of chance this summer to stay in the gym at open gyms with the team and being able to play with Sacred Hoops this summer.

“I am playing with Sacred Hoops under Coach Bertram this summer,” LeBrun said. “The team is looking good so far, with the practices we have had. I am looking forward to playing for Coach Bertram because after witnessing my brother play for him, I noticed that he really pushes you to be your best. Coach Bertram lets you know what you’re doing wrong so it’s a great learning opportunity.”

LeBrun has been contacted by a couple colleges so far and with his senior season posing a bigger role, he could be seeing some more colleges interested in the younger LeBrun come postseason time.

“I have been getting talked to by Dakota State,” LeBrun said. “I also have been informed that Mount Marty is interested.”