Recruiting Report: Carter Henry (2019)


Posted On: 04/13/18 4:06 PM

Six-foot-8 explosive power forward Carter Henry helped make BOLD a top ten team in Class AA this year with his 16 points, 8 rebounds, and four blocks a game.

“This year was a great year for BOLD basketball,” Henry said.  “We made a long stretch in the playoffs and competed at a high level every night!”

“This year I was a more aggressive and explosive.  Offensively, I have become more physical and hard to contain in the post and my dribble drive was very affective. I have developed a mid-range shot to expand my game.

“Defensively, I improved immensely. My numbers bumped up to two steals and almost four blocks. It was hard to find a match up I couldn’t guard!”

Carter is obviously excited about the season he had and he’s likely even more excited about the fact that college programs have taken an interest in his ability.

“I have been in contact with Nebraska and Kansas State,” Henry said.  “My coaches have gotten calls from Elon, North Dakota State, Siena, and Northern Iowa.”

This 17u season Carter is playing with the Twin Cities Pirates, a roster that is expected to include Henry, Karsten Broadley, DJ Purnell, Riley Burger, Macauley Young, Ray Mitchell, Tommy Chatman, and Khari Broadway.

“I will be playing for the Twin City Pirates this summer,” said Henry.  “This team was a good fit for me. Not only do I love my head coach, but my close friend Karsten Broadley is also on the team and I’m lucky to have such a great talent by my side.”