Rankings Update: 2019 Stock-Risers


Posted On: 04/3/18 5:00 AM

To give you a peek behind the curtain, the way we do these rankings in Ohio is by tiers. In simplified terms, you’ve got your D-I recruits in one category, D-IIs in another, and so forth.

Within those tiers, it’s rather fluid. If the D-II tier is from no. 30 to no. 60, it’s not unusual to see a player go from no. 33 to no. 47 over the course of an update.

What is unusual is a player jumping from one tier to another. That happened with several players in the 2019 class, but especially with Lunden McDay and RaHeim Moss. Those two wings represent the most extreme leaps from summer to now. And the thing is, those two have the type of upside where they could climb another 10-20 spots in the coming months.

Along with those two wing prospects, here are the eight other stock-risers you need to watch for in the spring.

[68 → 22] Lunden McDay, 6’3” W, St. Vincent-St. Mary / Nova (James)

McDay added more pieces to his game than anyone in the class this season. Once considered more of a small ball forward, McDay is capable of creating shots on the wing now. He’s also maintained his defensive versatility and length as his most valuable assets.

McDay received his second MAC offer shortly after the D-II State Championship win. He now carries scholarship offers from Ohio and Buffalo.

[36 → 23] Ben Fort, 6’4 W, Reynoldsburg / EG10

Fort solidified his status as a D-I recruit in our eyes with his stellar play on the wing this season. The slippery ball-handler impresses every time he plays aggressively. Fort packages a pull-up jumper with his ability to blow by defenders off the dribble.

[38 → 24] Devon Grant, 6’0” PG, Lorain / OBC

Not sure there’s another prospect in Ohio who benefitted from their postseason run as much as Grant. We always considered Grant a potential D-I prospect, but he validated that evaluation with a Bowling Green offer last month. The Lorain point guard is a shooting threat who draws separation off the dribble whenever.

[65 → 29] Demetrius Terry, 6’1” G, Lakewood St. Edward

Although Terry didn’t go for 20 every night off the Eds bench this season, he showed flashes that lead us to believe he has a D-I ceiling. Expect plenty of premiere D-IIs to also show Terry some love this spring and summer. He’s a score-first combo guard with bounce and a high-IQ.

[51 → 36] Evan Bainbridge, 6’8” F, Stow / SMAC Running Rebels

Bainbridge played with a ton of confidence for Stow this season. He can score it inside and out because of his ability to spot-up from deep or go over either shoulder down low. It’s hard to identify a better D-II stretch forward prospect in the class.

[103 → 39] RaHeim Moss, 6’3” W, Springfield / C2K Elite

Moss recently grabbed a Cincinnati basketball offer to go along with a slew of football ones also. He told us in December that he’ll look for the best fit regardless of sport, so basketball programs aren’t wasting their time with him whatsoever. Moss has a pretty good feel for the game and is an elite athlete. His strong frame and lateral quickness causes problems on both ends.

[67 → 43] CJ Charleston, 5’11” PG, Gilmour Academy / OBC

Charleston has elite speed in the open floor and he’s pretty strong too. However, it was his decision-making on the fast-break that we really liked this winter. Charleston makes the defense pay for helping over, even when the speed demon is barreling down the court at full-speed.

[85 → 47] Sean Marks, 5’11” PG, Olentangy / Mid Ohio Pumas Elite

Marks was one of the top scorers in Columbus this season. His craft within the arch and efficiency from deep makes him one of the top D-II point guard prospects in Ohio. Although he lacks size, Marks is quick and instinctive on defense. He can play as a floor-spacing, score-first, or facilitative point guard at the next level.

[71 → 48] Jackie Harris, 6’6” F, Toledo St. Francis / All Ohio Gold

Harris’ rebounding and solid upper body strength have always impressed. But he’s transitioned into a player that stretches the floor with his spot-up shooting ability now. Harris is also an awesome passer in the half-court and on outlets.

[100 → 62] Brice Hill, 6’5” W, Seven Hills / Mid Ohio Pumas Elite

Hill’s fluid length and sheer size on the perimeter is impressive considering his shooting ability. The Cincy wing shot nearly 40 percent from deep on a lot of attempts. He also went for 42 in a game against Norwood this season. Proving capable of defending multiple positions and rebounding well could push him to a new level this spring. Quality D-II prospect.