Posted On: 04/25/18 6:36 PM

Tariq Woody has been very busy lately. He is a hot commodity in the recruiting world. If you’ve ever seen him play, then you completely understand why. Woody has a unique skill set that fits perfectly into today’s style of basketball. He’s a 6’9” big from Novi that can shoot, handle the ball, and is a skilled passer from the high post. We recently caught up with Tariq Woody for a Q&A session.


Question:  What do you think is the biggest strength of your game?

Tariq Woody:  ”Versatility – inside and outside offensive game. Hit shots from 21 feet to making a strong post move at the rim.

Question:  How do you feel about you and your high school teams performance last season?

Tariq Woody:  ”VERY HAPPY. Also proud of my team that we made it to the final four… at the same time disappointed we didn’t take home the state title.”

Question:  What part of your game do you feel really developed over the high school season?

Tariq Woody:  ”Mid-range jumper and perimeter defense.”

Question:  What are your basketball goals this spring and summer?

Tariq Woody:  “Become more explosive. Get stronger. Build upon my perimeter game and ball handling.”

Question:  Is there an event you are really looking forward to?

Tariq Woody:  ”Signing Day for me. Graduating from high school.”

Question:  Who is the best player you have ever matched up against?

Tariq Woody:  ”Darius Blazley from C2K – going to the G League. Trevion Williams – Going to Purdue. Brandon Johns – Going to U of M. Marcus Bingham – Going to MSU.”

Question:  What do you like the most about AAU/travel season?

Tariq Woody:  ”The chance to compete against some of the best in the nation. The chance to learn from and play for different coaches.”

Question:  What professional player do you think your game resembles?

Tariq Woody:  “1. Tim Duncan. 2. LaMarcus Aldridge.”

Question:  What is the next step in basketball for you?

Tariq Woody:  ”Individual Workouts with basketball trainers.”

Question:  What is your most memorable moment in basketball?

Tariq Woody:  ”Game winning put back against Canton in Districts this year. Playing at the Breslin for the State Tourney.”