Q&A: Legend Geeter (2021)


Posted On: 04/29/18 4:53 PM

Legend Geeter is a very good all-around player that averaged eight points and nine rebounds on a loaded River Rouge team last season. I had the chance to ask him some questions about his game and life outside of basketball. See what he had to say.

What are the strengths of your game and what are you still working on?

“My strength is working around the post. I’m still working on my defense, ball handling, attitude on the court and my motor.”

Who are some guys you like to mold your game after? Why?

“Some people I mold my game after are are Draymond Green and DeMarcus Cousins because they are all around players if they need to be, and that’s how I am on the court.”

Who is the toughest player you’ve ever had to guard?

“Trevion Williams”

What is your favorite subject in school? Why?

“My favorite subject in school is math. I don’t know why, but for some reason I just love math.”

What are your goals going into AAU season?

“My goal this AAU season is to show everyone that I can play and get my name out there.”

What would you like coaches to know about you that they might not be able to see by just watching film?

“I would like coaches to know that I’m a very coachable kid, very respectful young man and a hard worker.”

What do you see yourself doing after basketball?

“Honestly, after I’m done with basketball, I’m just going to enjoy the rest of my life.”

How would you describe your style of play?

“My style of play is going to the open spot on the floor and not forcing anything. After I see there’s nothing open, that’s when I try to score.”

Who is your hero/role model? Why?

“My role model is DeMarcus Cousins because he is a very aggressive player, a great rebounder, leader, all around player that works on offense and his overall game is good.”