Posted On: 04/30/18 11:52 PM

Jaxon Gunville, 5’11 SG (North Dakota Attack 16U) — 2020

He set the tone early in North Dakota Attack’s 62-47 win over Rip City with his silky smooth stroke, and canned three first half 3s in that one. He’s got a quick release, and is a confident shooter, always willing and ready to pull the trigger. When his deep ball goes in, it softly swings through the net. It’s a signature splash, for sure.


Max Wilcox, 5’6 PG (Iowa Pump N Run Black) — 2019

Although he only shot 31 percent from deep last season as a junior at Danville, Wilcox looked every bit a sniper all weekend in Minneapolis. He nailed four 3s in Pump N Run’s title game triumph over Team 1848, and when he put up a long ball, you expected it to drop.



Cam House, 5’8 PG (Minnesota Select-Koch) — 2020

A highly skilled combo-guard, who despite his small stature was able to dominate in a win over Iowa Prep Red on Saturday afternoon. He scored 12 points in that one, all from beyond the arc, and had maybe the purest stroke we saw all weekend. If he’s open, he’s lighting the opponent up, no question.



Nathan Willett, 6’2 SG (EGF Greenwave) — 2020

A wiry and rangy wing, Willet poured in five 3-balls during a loss to Iowa Prep Black on Saturday afternoon. He was letting them fly from well-beyond the arc, and displayed a considerable amount of confidence while doing so. He’s not afraid to let if fly from all over the floor, and has the right size and length to get off a look almost whenever he wants. The five 3-balls is the most we saw in a game from a single player.


Burke Nesbit, 6’2 PG (Minnesota Heat-Ismail) — 2019

“He’s money” was uttered several times throughout the game when the kids from SSA would watch this Le-Suer Henderson shooting guard let it fly. Maybe he just has the look for a guy who can shred nets, but those guys knew he was the shooter. He’s got a perfect arc on his ball and the form on the shot is impeccable. His signature pose after he releases the ball adds some gusto.


Trey Knudsen, 5’11 SG (OSA Crusader National Franzese/Crouch) — 2020

The Gretna High School shooting guard has a jumper that’s smooth like butter, and it was clear during the Omaha squad’s game against Minnesota¬† Fury, in the 16U platinum title, that he had been identified as a sniper. He wasn’t able to get too many shots up in that one, but it only took a couple looks at his silky J to recognize he was one of the field’s best.


Jack Middleton, 6’4 SG (Minnesota Fury-Wilde) — 2019

There was a lot to be impressed with when when watching this Edina wing play, and his butter stoke was most intriguing. Middleton knows there’s no limits to what he can do on the court, so he was contributing in many other ways offensively. But when he does let one fly from deep, it’s a thing of beauty.


Joshua Albers, 6’4 SG (Minnesota Heat-Nelson) — 2019

He caught fire during a pummeling of Universal Athletics Academy on Saturday afternoon. And at 6’4 and with some nice length, he’s a guy that could get his pretty J off almost at will. A Mounds View product, we expect the rangy sharpshooter to light it up for the Mustangs next season.