Prospect Watch: Jadice Morrison (2019)


Posted On: 04/13/18 4:47 PM

White River guard Jadice Morrison led his team to the state tournament with 15 plus points per game knocking down 61 threes and continuing on basketball tradition.

“We were a young team this year with a lot of sophomores playing big minutes and they stepped up to the challenge,” Morrison said.  “Tyson Iyotte, Teron Sazue, Izaiah Sorace, Joe Brandis, and Nick Sayler played big all year for us. We had a great start to kick of the year winning the Lakota Nation Invitational Tournament.

“That was really big for us, it boosted all over our confidence. We were undefeated for most of the season. We battled to the end in all of our games this year though and that’s what I’m proud about. That’s what it is all about!”

Now it’s time for the 17u season, the last AAU season for Jadice and the rest of the 2019 class.  Morrison is joining a lot of talented guys playing on a new team.

“I am currently going to play with Sacred Hoops! Along with Ale Rama, Dylan Pourier, Aiden Bizardie and many more! Solid team. (Alan) Bertram is one of the best or even the best coaches around!”

Morrison is doing everything getting ready for that high expectations senior season next winter. Morrison’s game will continue to grow like he worked to become a more versatile player the past dozen months.

“Well I’m going to be a senior next year and one thing that I keep trying to get better at is being more prepared every year,” Jadice said.  “It’s a long season! And especially playing in LNI at the beginning of the year you have to be in shape and ready to battle four days in a row.

“My major improvement that I have noticed and worked toward was becoming a better leader throughout the years. I have a really good relationship with everyone on the team and in the community.

“Another thing I’ve tried working on is getting stronger! I really didn’t like the weight room my 8th grade year and freshman year so I lived in there this summer and put some pounds on and that made me more versatile on both sides of the floor.”

Now Morrison is ready for whatever comes at him so get out and see him play with Sacred Hoops this spring and summer.