Prospect Spotlight: Martin Macenis (2019)


Posted On: 04/21/18 3:00 PM

Stagg 2019 small forward Martin Macenis has size at 6’5” with a skilled European type game.  Macenis is an excellent passer from the wing that dishes with creativity while finding his teammates.  Handles it well for his size and can really shoot the basketball from both mid-range and three.  Does a nice job of creating space.  D1 prospect.

How was his junior year at Stagg?

“Not too well honestly.  I am hoping I can show better in AAU.  We just got a new coach and a new system.  We are figuring out things still.”

What is he looking to show this spring with ET21 Buckeyes?

“I feel a lot of people think I can’t play defense, but I think I am a pretty good defender.  I can defend bigger and taller opponents.”

He spoke with us about the strengths in his game and what he feels he can bring to a college program.

“Spread the floor being a shooter.  I can handle the ball.  Athletic.  All-Around player.”

Macenis says there is not much going on with recruiting at this point.  Should definitely be getting looks at the low-major level!