Prospect Spotlight: Kendall McFadden (2018)

High School

Posted On: 04/4/18 7:39 PM

As we enter into the month of April, the decisions from this year’s senior class will pick up drastically for those playing Division II or Division III level. This past weekend DMVelite held their Unsigned Senior Showcase to give some of these players a last chance to make an impression on college coaches that are scrambling for under the radar type of talents. Kendall McFadden of Oakland Mills High School was one that stood out throughout the course of the showcase.

The Scorpions finished the year with an 18-6 overall record. They were a team full of players who knew each other’s role and bought into the system.

“We had a very good year this year and it was because we knew our roles perfectly,” McFadden said. “My role was more of a four or five but I’ve been working on my skills as a two or three on my own time. I’m just looking for a school that can help further develop my skills, because at 6-foot-3, I know I’m not going to be play the four or five in college.”

While McFadden would be undersized in terms of measurement in the height department to play in the frontcourt at the next level, he brings physicality and a stout body that would certainly help him hold his own if matched up against an opposing big.

“This year was big for my confidence in general,” replied McFadden when picking out on of his improvements from this past season. “I know when I play with confidence, my game is a lot more smoother and I’m a lot more valuable to my team.”

McFadden isn’t going to catch your eye because of his speed or athleticism, but he does an excellent job playing at his pace and not allowing the defense to speed him up.

“I like to have control at all times,” McFadden said. “I’m not going to do anything out of control or beyond my limits, but of course if I have to, I’ll turn it up a little bit more. I know my speed and athleticism are my weakest points, and they’ll be what I focus on during my workouts this spring.”

Thus far, McFadden hasn’t heard consistently from many programs, but is evaluating the prep school route carefully. When he does get into a college, he wants to major in nursing.

What can a college coach expect from McFadden?

“Effort. Dedication. I work hard at all times.”