Posted On: 04/4/18 1:24 PM

Westlake sophomore Johnathon Moliere is heading into his 16U spring and summer hopeful to gain some college interest, and if it’s a gritty, hustle guy you need, he might be worth the look.

A 6-foot-4 small forward, we recently caught up with Moliere, and he defined what it is that makes him a top-50 prospect in Georgia’s 2020 class.

“I’m a great rebounder, I can handle the ball handle a little and shoot it well. I’m just trying to get my ball-handling up right now,” said Moliere.

He came off the bench as as sophomore for the Lions, and says he averaged six points and eight rebounds per game.

“My role was to play real hard all the time, I was an energy guy,” said Moliere. “I needed to rebound and play defense mostly.”

This spring and summer, he’ll play with Game Elite 16U, it’ll be his first year playing with the program.

“My goals are to score a lot, play hard defense, and I’d like to average 10 assists,” he said. “Getting my teammates involved is important to me.”

As for recruitment, he’s got some dreams, but any college interest would be a good start for him.

“I hope I get some interest this summer, Georgia and Oregon are my dream schools. It’d be nice to get a phone call from them,” said Moliere.

“But it would just be a blessing to get a call from any coach, really.”