Prospect Spotlight: Jason Holman

Northern California

Posted On: 04/5/18 10:00 AM

There are a lot of good shooters in the state of California. But there aren’t nearly as many that are consider to be snipers. Jason Holman is one of those very athletes. A very gifted marksman whose high arching shot and accuracy make him tough to cover regardless if you’re defending him closely. I was able to speak with Jason and learn about one of the very best shooters in the state.


What is it like to compete for a state title with players that you grew up with?

It was a dream come true. I played AAU with Nate, Devin, and Rob since we were young. We traveled the country playing tournaments together. Spending so much time together on and off the court created a bond with each other.


In a close game, would you rather be home or on the road and why?

At a close game I would want to play at home because of the best 6th man in NorCal. I’ve takin countless shots in that gym which helps. In the last two seasons we’ve only lost once playing on our home court against Montgomery in the NCS playoffs my junior year.


Where will you play AAU this offseason?

Im not sure if I’m going to play AAU this offseason.


Who inspires you to compete as hard as you do?

The Las Lomas 6th man, my family, friends but especially my dad inspires me to compete as hard as I do. My dad was the one who put the ball in my hands at a young age, always giving me the utmost confidence and inspiring me to have a hard work ethic.


How did you develop your shooting ability? 

I’ve developed my shooting ability by getting in the gym everyday and putting reps up with my dad. I’ve been playing basketball since a young age and have always been one of the shortest on the team and knew that my shooting ability would separate me from other players on the court.


Whats an underrated area of your game?

The most underrated part of my game would be my ball handling and point guard skills. My whole life I’ve been teammates with amazing point guards between high school and AAU (Elijah Hardy) (Naseem Gaskin) (Robert Prince)