Posted On: 04/24/18 10:46 PM

Winona had a tough season at 7-18, but a good junior class led by Jake Reeck (16 PPG, 42% 3FG) and Bradley Winter show promise ahead.

Now the duo suits up for Minnesota Select’s top 17u team, and according to Reeck, so far, so good.

“Things are going great,” Reeck said. “I really like my team. They are awesome guys who are fun to play with. We’re really starting to get things figured out. In practice, coach has been running us through a bunch of drills and skill work that is improving our overall game.

“I have pretty high hopes for the season, as we have a lot of talent and we’re playing a tournament schedule that should give us some good competition as well.”

Jake drives two hours to practice with Select, but it’s worth it for him. The added opportunity of recruitment and development on a state-wide and regional scale has already shown some results.

“I’m super excited to start the recruitment process,” Reeck said. “I’ve texted with a few coaches, and I’m really looking forward to see what else comes my way. I’ve been texting several MIAC schools as well as a couple D2s.”

As he’s still a junior in high school, Reeck is still very wide open to his college options. Everything is just beginning for him as he looks around.

“I don’t really have an ideal college in mind yet. I’d just want to go someplace where I can get a good education and have a positive basketball experience.”