Prospect Spotlight: Isaac Lambert

Southern California

Posted On: 04/26/18 8:00 AM

We have all heard of players experiencing late growth spurts that lead to drastic changes in that players abilities. Athletes like Tracy McGrady, Paul George, and Anthony Davis all saw their lives change after such occurrences and now Isaac Lambert of Esperanza High can add his name to that list. Now standing 6’6, the 2018 guard is a triple double waiting to happen. His height has now caught up to the skill and I.Q. level that he has in his arsenal. The ability to rebound, dribble, pass and score from anywhere make him the ideal do it all type of player in todays era. I was able to speak with the guard about his growth and outlook on his developing game as well as his influences. He is currently playing with California Basketball Club (Ca .B.C).


Talk to us about your Growth Spurt and how it has improved your game.

From my sophomore to junior year I grew about 5 inches. Then from junior to senior year I grew another 3 inches or so and it heavily impacted my game because it gave me the ability to shoot over players and play closer to the rim as well.


Who are some of your favorite players to watch?

I love to watch Kevin Durant, Lebron James, Klay Thompson, and Patrick Beverley just to name a few of them.


Your I.Q. for the game helps you be a triple double threat. How did you develop that understanding for the game?

I feel like my I.Q. for the game came naturally for the most part, but my Grandfather, Dad, and uncles also helped me tremendously in that area.


What was one of your favorite games from your high school career?

My favorite game from high school was by far the State Championship game.


What do you believe that you bring to a college program?

I feel like I bring length defensively and have a playmaking ability at the guard/forward spot as well as being a three point threat to a college program.