Prospect Spotlight: Garrett Schaefer

Southern California

Posted On: 04/24/18 8:00 AM

2020 point guard Garrett Schaefer has something in common with the likes of Russell Westbrook, James Harden and Lonzo Ball. Other than representing Southern California, they are all Triple Double threats every time they set foot on a basketball court. At 6’3, he is able to see over the top of defenses with a unique ability to literally throw teammates open by seeing angles that others aren’t able to discern. When needed, he can score at all three levels or impose his will on the glass. At the PrepHoops Los Angeles Series hosted by Sports Academy in Thousand Oaks, I had a few moments after one of Garrett’s games to interview him and see what makes the young all purpose leader tick. Make sure you keep an eye on this kid going forward as his feel for the game is truly a gift in an era where do it all players are becoming common place. He plays for the Gamepoint Inland travel program.


Where is your favorite place that you’ve played to date?

Temecula Valley is the place to be without a doubt!


You have a gift for being a triple double threat. Was that something you were born with or was it a developed skill?

That’s a skill that has been natural for me so I just try to do as much on the court as I can.


What do you think is your most underrated skill?

I think my most underrated skill would be my ability to finish around the basket or posting up smaller guards.


Who are some of your favorite players to watch?

My favorite players to watch are Russell Westbrook and Lonzo Ball.


By the time your high school career is over, how do you want to be remembered?

I want to be remembered as the best player in my family.


What should college coaches know about you?

College coaches should know that I am a pass first and high tempo type of point guard.