Posted On: 04/13/18 8:08 AM

Grassroots season is upon us. This time of the year we can be reminded of just how good some players are. There will be athletes that draw attention to their game. Evan Neff is a player that can and will turn heads during travel basketball season. He is a 6’2” combo guard from the class of 2020. Neff plays at Kingston High School and will be running with the Michigan Warriors 16u.

Evan Neff is skilled and versatile. He is a very strong shooter who can hit the triple. Neff makes himself an even bigger threat on the offensive end by being an excellent passer. This allows him to play on or off the ball and keeps the defense honest. Perhaps Neff’s greatest attribute on the court is his high basketball IQ. He has a keen understanding of the game and uses that to be an efficient and effective player.


Neff is spending a lot of time in the gym improving and expanding his game. He is working on his footwork, strength, and leaping ability. As these aspects of his game improve, Neff will become an even more dangerous player for opponents.

Evan Neff has enjoyed big moments on the court and looks forward to more. He had the experience of his team winning a District Championship this high school season and he is looking forward to the NY2LA events coming up. Neff wants to be a college basketball player. He certainly has the skills and attributes to do just that. With his shooting skills and his ability to effectively play both guard positions, he will be a valuable commodity to a coach at the next level. Neff will provide a smart player with a tireless work ethic to a college program.

Neff has goals that drive his effort to improve. “I want to be known as a great player and make my mark on the basketball world,” he said. Neff wants to win games and be known as one of the best players in Michigan. College coaches will certainly want to keep an eye on Evan Neff this spring and summer.