Posted On: 04/21/18 10:02 AM

The beauty of AAU season is getting the chance to find the diamonds in the rough within some non-sponsored programs. For Team Silk  based out of Baltimore, they have plenty of players who are prospects at every collegiate level. One player that we recently got to see play was 2020 guard Emanuel Ludd.

Ludd started for Digital Harbor High School in a tough Baltimore City league this past season and helped conduct them to a 13-9 overall record.

“We got off to a pretty strong start last year, but went through some adversity that we struggled with,” Ludd told Prep Hoops. “Our coach was having family issues and that definitely hurt us as a team. I feel like we could’ve done better if he was able to be around the whole time. Personally, I think I did well as a facilitator and then when some people failed off the team, I had to take on more of a scoring role.”

The 5-foot-11 guard brings that type of versatility to the game. He can play multiple roles as a point guard. For Team Silk, he’s sometimes featured at the two guard where he can display his ability to score.

“For next year, I’m really working on my ball handling,” Ludd said. “I know that if I want to be a really good point guard I have to get my handles right. I have a quick first step with the ball, but I’m working with my coaches on being a better facilitator and more confident with my dribble.”

On top of his ball handling, Ludd explained that he is using this AAU season to improve defensively. Athleticism or lateral movement is far from the problem with Ludd, rather it’s the willingness to lock his man down possession after possession that needs work.

During his down time, Ludd watches the most film on Russell Westbrook and C.J. McCollum. There are spurts throughout games where he can look like a mini-Westbrook due to his speed with the ball and downhill attacking mentality.

There are no schools that have contacted Ludd as of yet, but if he is fortunate enough to attend college he plans on majoring in Engineering. Specifically something in the technology field.

Scouting report on Ludd:

Very quick with his first dribble off the catch. Effective shooter from the mid-range and efficient finisher around the rim. Doesn’t shoot many three’s, but capable after seeing his first couple of shots fall. Loves to attack with right hand and get into the paint. From there, has good vision and reacts to help side defense.

Defensively, you can catch him sleeping when he is in help. However, he does a nice job of jumping the passing lanes and creating fast break opportunities. Decent on-ball defender but struggles when involved in ball screens.