Prospect Spotlight: Dale Currie J.r.

Northern California

Posted On: 04/23/18 8:00 AM

Sacramento, California, steadily puts out excellent basketball talent every year and this was no exception. One of the best senior guards in the area, Dale Currie J.r. is a stone cold killer who competes on every possession as hard as anyone you’ll see. A physical player who can impose his will on any game and give his teammates the confidence to do the same. I was able to speak with the guard and found out what makes as driven as he is! Dale plays with the Fastbreak sports travel program.


What does it mean to represent the Sacramento area as an elite guard?

It feels good because nobody thinks of Sacramento as a good area for hoopers so for me to represent sacramento is great because not only am i getting recognition but also putting a name out for sacramento and the good hoopers in my city.


What is one of your favorite games from your career?

I don’t have a favorite game in my career because every game i come out and play the same which is coming out and going at anybody infront of me while playing defense.


What area of your game do you believe is the most underrated?

My jumpshot is a part of my game that I think is pretty underrated.


You play with a ton of toughness and confidence, where do those traits come from?

Its just how i grew up as a kid play fighting with my brothers, tackle football with no pads, and playing with people way over my age. At 7 years old I was playing with 19 year old kids so i grew up to be tough instead of soft.


Who do you model your game after?

I don’t model my game after anybody. I play like myself which a lot of people don’t do. But i can compare my game to Russell Westbrook’s because we have the same mentality.


What do you believe you bring to a college program?

Off of the court i bring laughter and joy. Im a goofy person but i get serious when its time to get serious. Im a good teammate and love to help people. On the court i give it my all. Not 90%, 100%, but i give it 110%. Whatever a coach needs from me, i do it.