Prospect Spotlight: Cyrus Nance (2019)


Posted On: 04/13/18 2:13 PM

Watching Cyrus Nance play basketball is like watching a train leave the station at full speed.

The 6’2″, 185-pounder is a thickly built guard who can get inside with his brute strength. He also has a knack for a big shot throughout games.

This summer, the 2019 prospect is running with Wade Elite, a program that he started playing with this summer.

Nance spent his junior year at Stranahan after previously suiting up for Dillard. He says this past season showed him that his team has a young core but if they all buy in they can do great things.

No offers or interest have come yet for Nance, but he is in a good spot to open college coaches eyes during the travel season.

He pointed to his biggest strengths as his ability to get to the basket, draw contact, finish, rebound and shoot the mid-range jumper. Nance also alluded to the fact that he can play positions 2 through 4 on the court.

Nance wants to improve his court vision and ability to be more of a point guard.

It will be up to college programs to figure out what position Nance will play at the next level. In my eyes, he can play shooting guard and small forward well despite his height. His ability to play bigger than his frame gives him an advantage. I can see some smaller schools who would be willing to let him grind it out at 3 or even 4 in different lineups. Nance is flying under the radar.

Photo credit: Photo You 4 Life