Prospect Spotlight: Connor Drew (2021)


Posted On: 04/9/18 5:00 AM

Very few freshman had more success this past season than Ballard’s 6-foot-6 power forward Connor Drew.

A gritty and tough post, we got a chance to see Drew for the first time this past weekend while he helped All Iowa Attack Red 15U to a Super 16 title.

Last week, we caught with Drew on the phone and he defined his skill-set to PHIA, both strengths and areas he’s looking to improve. 

“Once I get in the post, you can’t really stop me. And I’ve really been working on expanding my game,” said Drew, who averaged 12.6 points and 7.5 rebounds per game last season.

“My role was to come in and get a lot of boards, because we didn’t have much height. Coach just wanted me to step up, because we didn’t have a big guy, so it was really important for me to step up.”

With Ballard’s top two scorers returning next season, that being Drew and junior Chase Winterboer, things are certainly looking up for the Bombers.

“Next year, we have a great group coming back, we could be pretty dominant next year,” said Drew. “I’m going to play more of the three and four, and coach says he wants to get me the ball more, so that’ll be nice.”

Drew has joined forces with other top freshman in Iowa, Angelo Winkel and Karson Sharar, on All Iowa Attack Red 15U.

It’s one of the best 15U teams, not only in Iowa, but in the Midwest.

“I expect us to win some big tournaments, and this is my third year with the team, so I’ll have to be a leader,” said Drew.

“And I’m really trying to expand my 3-point range this summer. I have to get a better jump-shot because I’m not that tall to play post at D1.”

Another goal for his offseason: simply to get some more exposure. 

“I’m just hoping to get my name out there a little bit this summer,” said Drew.