Prospect Spotlight: Cesar Diaz (2019)


Posted On: 04/27/18 12:00 PM

With his junior season now behind him, 5-foot-9 point guard Cesar Diaz can now focus on heading into his offseason with aspirations to get better and be recruited.

A good all-around guard for Zillah, Diaz is certainly a capable scorer for the Leopards, but is also a staunch and dedicated defender.

“I’m a pretty good scorer, I can score with ease. And I like to play defense, I take a lot of pride in that,” said Diaz. “I like to facilitate the ball. and even though I might be small, I like to play physical.”

The small but effective guard says he averaged 12 points, four rebounds and three assists per game as a junior for Zillah.

“Things went pretty good, we fell short of our goal of state title, though. My role was to score, and be good on defense. I wasn’t the main player, but I’m looking forward next year to being a top two scorer,” said Diaz.  

“One of my goals is to get bigger, I’m looking to gain up to 15 pounds, and I think that will help me be more physical on both sides of the ball. And I’m looking to become more of a leader and a better facilitator.”

As for his spring and summer, Diaz will play 17U ball with a local grassroots team, and is hoping to turn some heads in the process.

“My goal is to play college basketball, and I feel like I’m good enough, I just need to get a little bit of exposure,” he said.

“I’m looking to play anywhere, I think I’m good enough; D3, D2 is fine, something around there.”