Pros and Cons: AAU vs. High School Basketball


Posted On: 04/21/18 10:34 AM

It is AAU season so players all over the country will be packing their duffle bags and traveling to events that will help them get exposure.

The first live period is currently underway and all these high school prospects will be focused the main goal ahead, drawing interest and earning offers.

My feelings with AAU/travel basketball have always been the same. It is simply too much to soak in unless you focus in on one game. For me, it is overwhelming to go to some of these events where there are 10 to 20 plus games all in one location.

AAU is a great outlet for fans and coaches to see a ton of top talent all in the same building in one weekend and playing for the same team. In comparison to high school ball, where there is one game a night during the season barring a tournament.

I like the high school season because the schedule is in stone, locations are set and the games are organized. With AAU, schedules change, locations change and there is a lot to work around, fans, parents, etc.

So this isn’t a dig at AAU because I do enjoy it, players are locked in. I just think the referees are inferior and the number of games played in a weekend is rough for everyone involved including coaches, players, media and especially parents.

To extend the season for the spring and summer for high school athletes is a great outlet, but these kids need to make sure they play for a solid program where they play in good tournaments where they can be in line for looks.

I give high school an edge because of its structure and simplicity and that’s what I stand for. AAU is a good outlet with the plethora of guys in the gym for a weekend which alone makes it worth watching and covering.

High school basketball is at all-time high in terms of coverage and talent and it just not in the United States. It is time to simply trust the process.