PrepHoops Series Los Angeles: Four Triple Double Machines

Southern California

Posted On: 04/20/18 8:00 AM

As the game continues to grow and the skill levels of players becomes higher, we are seeing more athletes showcase the ability to do it all on the court. From scoring, assisting and rebounding, to steals and shot blocks. The members of our all triple double team have a gift for being able to dominate the game without scoring. That added versatility allows them to be matchup nightmares just like a certain triple double machine that plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder.


Garret Schafer, 6’3, 2020, Temecula Valley, (Gamepoint)

The first thing you’ll notice about this kid is his sensational passing ability. There are a lot of players that can pass the ball, but finding people who can literally throw their teammates to open areas that others can’t see is truly a special gift. Easily one of the highest I.Q.’s for the game that you’ll see, he uses this ability to anticipate steals in the passing lanes. At his size, he can drive by any defender and see over the top of defenses. When teammates aren’t open, he has no problem finishing in traffic or launching a few shots from deep.



Kaelen Allen, 6’7, 2019, Westchester (Team Eleate)

This kid is a great example of how to mesh raw power with excellent balance. Always under control, he is able to use his elite footwork to create shots in the paint in a way that few kids his age are capable of doing. He shows an ability to dribble up the floor and make plays off the bounce. When you throw in his ability to turn defenders into poster, you have the recipe for a real problem on the offensive end. Always patient, he is able to play at any pace or style.


Elijah Scranton, 6’6, 2019, Paracleete High  (California United)

Bad things are going to happen to the individual who gets stuck guarding Elijah. An unstoppable slasher who lives at the free throw line, his ability to get inside and convert layups are a luxury. Using his height to shoot over defenders or kick it out when the defense helps, he is relentless on the attack and his sure to create a good amount of defensive fouls with his aggression.


Vince Veikalas , 6’3, 2021, Clark High (Nevada) (Las Vegas Knicks)

The best way to describe Vince on the court is well-rounded. Able to be a do it all player, he thinks the game in a way thats not common for players his age. Able to direct mismatches on the floor and see the game before it happens, his I.Q. allows him to leverage a growing ability to score at will. Certainly a player to watch as he continues to become even more lethal.