PrepHoops Series Los Angeles: All Joel Embiid Team


Posted On: 04/18/18 9:00 AM

Much like the dominant player also known as the process, the players featured here do a great job of balancing low post scoring, perimeter shooting, as well as solid passing from various spots on the floor. As the game continues to grow, we are seeing more players becoming inside out threats. Lets take a look at some of the notable players who show great versatility on the offensive end.


Chris Cable, 2018, 6’7, Servite, (NOC/MAP Elite)

If you’re guarding this guy, you’re in for a fight. When playing inside he has the increasingly rare ability to score with an array of dream shakes, shot fakes, pivots and hooks in traffic which at his size are tough to guard. Calm under pressure, he patiently waits for cutters before looking to attack. If you double him, a pass is whizzing by your head. He also does a great job on the defensive end by staying vertical and not fouling.


Anthony Salas, 2019, 6’6, Murieta Mesa (Gamepoint)

Here’s an example of a phenomenal playmaker. He is able to find cutters and shooters anytime he has the rock. There is a strong ability to attack slower “bigs” from the perimeter to finish at the cup with a variety of spin moves and jump stops. The underrated areas of his game are how well he stays vertical when protecting the paint and his ability to set great screens that free up his teammates for playmaking opportunities.


Bradley Ezewiro, 2020 ,6’8,  Saint Anthony’s Long Beach (Pump n Run)

This kid is an absolute nightmare to guard due to his physical gifts. His sheer power can overwhelm his matchups on top of how quickly he is able to move around the floor. If you’re not careful, he will take you with him up to the rim for a devastating dunk. The lefty shows strong rebounding instincts and is going to be a real problem for opponents going forward.


Jayden Simpson, 2020, 6’4, Paloma Valley (Gamepoint)

Though not a true “Post”, he plays the position out of necessity for his team. But that allows him to use his athletic gifts to run by his matchups. A strong use of pivots augment his ability to attack off of the dribble. He shows a solid midrange game as well when he isn’t sprinting the lane in transition for dunks.


Nathan Perez, 2022, 6’2, Saugus high (Pump n Run)

This kid displayed a lot of balance in his game throughout the event. He was able to score often inside via post up or cutting during dribble penetration. But he also has a quick release on his three point shot which makes a versatile matchup. Solid footwork and instincts to track the ball give him a bright future.