2018 Prep Hoops Southern Brawl: The Top Glue Guys from the AM session of Day 2

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Posted On: 04/21/18 3:06 PM

There is a lot of talent competing at the Prep Hoops Southern Brawl but to win games consistently you need players who does whatever it takes to win.

Here are some of the top Glue guys so far:

Trey Myrie 2019 Heat Elite

Myrie was one of the best defenders of Day 2. The 2019 guard was always in a stance and ready to move his feet. He seemed to always be in the right spot defensively. His instincts on defense are something that you can not teach.

Myrie drew a tough assignment against the Game Changers who have small shifty guards but the Kansas native held his own. The Heat Elite have some talent at the guard position but to win big they need Myrie to play his role to the best of his ability.

Dylan Smith 2019 Game Changers White

Dylan isnt the lead guard for Game Changers but his contributions make a huge difference for his team. At 6′, you might wonder what an undersized combo guard could to help that much.

Smith is a savvy player who uses his big time basketball IQ to see things before they happen and to make sure he is in the right spots at all times. Smith is responsible for many hockey assists. He is a ball mover who doesn’t need the ball to produce.

Smith played excellent defense early on in Day 2 and he also hit some big shots to seal the victory over Heat Elite.

Zach Hale 2019 Game Changers White

Hale is an undersized forward who has the motor to compete in the painted area. At 6’1, he is asked to guard bigger players but Hale doesn’t flench.

On Day 2, Hale was always in the correct position on defense. His help defense is what he excels at because of his anticipation. He also did a great job on the glass. There were times where the opposition was all over his back but he would come out with the board.

His offense is a welcomed surprise since he doesn’t get a ton of attempts but he finds anyway to help his team win.

Ryan Island 2021 OK Respect

Island is the little brother of Calumet standout Riley Island but they are very different. Ryan is playing up this weekend and you can see why. Island has a great feel for finding his teammates. Many times he would drive in the lane and whip a no look pass that would end in a wide open layup.

He looked smaller than everybody else on the floor but that was the only obvious trait of his youth. He played within what was asked of him. Although, Island didn’t shoot very well he did everything else offensively to be a threat.

Island has a bright future due to his skill and and iQ and he could be the leader of OK Respect for the next couple of years.

Isaiah Lawson 2019 C.H.A.M.P.S. BasketballĀ 

Lawson is a shifty left-handed guard who can create his own shot and finish at the rim. Lawson showed off his ability this morning by breaking the press and finding shooters or his big man running down the floor.

He hit some important shots in the second half to try and bring his team back from the large deficit.

Lawson will have to play well the rest of the weekend to give his team a chance to advance later on into the tournament. It seems as if he has no issue doing what it takes to win which may mean scoring more often.

Lawson is a glue guy with the potential to become a star.

Allen Sioux 2018 OK Respect

Sioux is a shooter can get hot quickly. The Respect like to get out and run because of shooters like Sioux. The El Reno standout has a quick release and plays with confidence. If he needs to shoot ten threes then he will if thats what it take to win.

When Sioux gets hot there is not much you can do because of his versatility as a shooter. Some shooters can only hit shots in perfect conditions. Sioux has the ability to hit while in transition and in half-court.

The OK Respect will be a sneaky team because they have the talent to play for a championship but they need their key glue-guy to play well and hit shots like he has so far.