Posted On: 04/7/18 4:44 PM

Scoring is great but the work on the glass is what changes games. Here are some of the top rebounders so far at the Route 66 Kickoff.

Shemar Smith 2019 Team Griffin

Smith plays with an intensity and work ethic that it takes to be a great rebounder. Against a talented Colorado Hawks team, Smith was consistently coming out of the mess in the paint with the ball in his hands.

At 6’6, he is already tall enough to win some rebounding match ups but with his grit and passion he is able to dominate the glass.

Blake Owens 2018 OKC Wolfpack Green 17U

Owens is one of the best rebounders in Oklahoma and he proved that yet again with another solid performance on the glass. The 6’8 senior does a good job of grabbing the ball with both hands. He is a big with a slender build but he doesnt shy away from contact at all.

He dominated the glass on both ends in the game versus KC Pacers. Rebounding is one of the traits that makes Owens such an attractive talent.

Will Becker 2018 Colorado Hawks

Becker just recently ended his senior season and you can tell he picked right where he left off. Becker is a mobile big who runs the floor well and attacks the boards hard. There were many times today where the player would be boxing him out and he would find a way to get the ball.

Becker is in this tournament to get more exposure and he played like a man on a mission.

Josh Minney 2020 Tulsa Hawks

Minney played really well for the Hawks as he secured a double-double with points and rebounds. Grabbing ten rebounds is not an easy task. It requires focus, physicality, and most importantly a will to go get it..

Minney will be someone to watch and keep your eye on.

Jacob Germany 2019 Team Griffin

Germany plays with such ease on the court that you may think he is not going hard. His natural abilities were on show this morning.  Germany did a great job of helping Smith dominate the glass.  Germany is always in the right position to score or rebound.

He upped his game to be successful against a talented Colorado  Hawks who had similar size. Germany proved why he is the best player in 2019 mainly due to his rebounding.

Syrus Grisby 2019 Teamwork Oklahoma

Grisby is not the biggest forward in the tournament. He has a slender build but he attacks the ball when it hits off the rim. Pluto Prospects had quality size but Grisby found a way to be effective as a rebounder. He did a good job of not forcing shots and finding other was to contribute.