Prep Hoops Route 66 Kickoff- Standout 16U Drivers & Finishers


Posted On: 04/7/18 3:07 PM

There were a lot of paint touches and finishes at the rim on Saturday in the 16U games. Prospects that stood out that I was able to see during the first part of the day.

Kamari Armstrong (2020) Speed 2020- Olathe East High School

Kamari seemed to be getting in the paint at will as he used his good burst to penetrate the defense effectively in both early games.

He can finish well against contact and had 16 points in the first contest against the KC Pacers White 16U team. At 6’3’’ he is a challenging matchup for opposing defenses with his quickness and relatively good size.

Loddie Combs (2020) Rockets 918 16U

Loddie had a strong first half in the Rockets game against the KC Pacers Blue 16U balancing his long-range shot with a couple of nice drives to the basket.

Although his opportunities were limited in the second half as he was held scoreless, Loddie possesses the ability to get by defenders and will be a great prospect to watch this weekend.

Journee Phillips (2020) Texas Tigers 16U

Journee continued his strong campaign at the Prep Hoops Route 66 Kickoff after scoring 34 points on Friday night. A productive first half against All-Arkansas Red 16U unfortunately was not enough for them to get the victory.

However, Journee continued to get to the rim in this game and was able to finish versus contact, converting on a few and 1 opportunities.

TreJon Ware (2020) Team Harden Houston 16U- Shadow Creek High School

At 5’8’’ TreJon is small and dangerous. He tore through the Kansas Pray and Play 16U defense throughout the game, getting to the line numerous times and helped open up the Pray and Play defense for shooters like Bryce Griggs.

Dontae Taylor (2020) Missouri Flight 16U- Parkview High School

Dontae showed early why he is dangerous. With 18 points in the earliest game of the day, he displayed nice touch near the rim and was able to finish through contact effectively.

Devin Carter (2020) Colorado Hawks 16U- Creek High School

Devin followed up his 18-point performance with a monster game. Scoring 25 points in his second game Saturday, getting into the teeth of the defense and to the line time and time again.

Devin also showed he could be a reliable defender and gave effort off the ball chasing defenders around. Appears to be the motor behind this talented Colorado Hawks team.