Prep Hoops Route 66 Kickoff Saturday Top Performers


Posted On: 04/7/18 8:39 PM

The Prep Hoops Route 66 Kickoff features a plethora of talent throughout the field. In this article I break down the best performers I saw today.

Jalen Wilson YGC 36 2019 Wing

Wilson was superb on Saturday showing why so many blue blood schools are after his talents at the next level. Wilson is a natural scorer at all three levels with an effortless smooth offensive game. What impressed me the most was the hard lockup defense he played throughout the day. Younger players should pay attention to Wilson and how he plays with great hustle and effort non-stop. The talent and work ethic of Wilson are through the roof.

Bryce Griggs Team Harden 2022 Guard 

Griggs is an offensive talent playing up at the 16U age. He did it all on Saturday stealing the show by scoring at all three levels with a sweet handle that will rocked defenders to sleep. Griggs has been known by many who follow Middle School basketball for quite some time but is getting ready to get a ton of attention moving up to play 16U. The ability to put the ball in the basket was very impressive. Even more impressive was the way he was able to see the floor and drop dimes to teammates. Griggs has the makings of a special talent.

Drew Tennial Team Griffin 2019 Wing 

Tennial was one of the most productive players in the gym on Saturday. He thrived scoring the basketball off the dribble on strong drives to the cup. The progression Tennial has made in the past calendar year has been massive. It is clear Tennial is now ready to play as more of a leadership role this summer. Tennial found the perfect mix of creating for others and himself. The jumper for Tennial was on fire, which only added to his drive. Tennial was all over the floor making plays on both ends. NCAA Divsion I programs are going to want to get to know Tennial.

Cobe Williams Dallas Showtyme 2019 Point Guard 

Williams has been absolutely great for Dallas Showtyme this weekend. He shines on the floor using his speed to create openings to the basket. The quick dribble of Williams mixed with the ability of Williams to pull up on a dime from mid-range make him so tough to guard. Williams brought it every game attacking anyone who would dare to guard him. The fearless mentality of Williams adds to his game.

Kenny Foster Colorado Hawks 2019 Wing 

Foster was one of the best scorers on day one. What makes him so tough to stop is how easy it is for him to find his spots on the floor because he moves so well without the ball. Foster has a lethal jumper with some crafty moves that help him get to the bucket. He projects to the NCAA Division I level.

Xavier Cork Dallas Showtyme 2019 Post 

Cork delivered a stellar productive day two showing bringing physical and explosive play in the paint. He was fantastic on the boards on both ends of the floor due to his size and great effort. Cork is every bit of 6’7 pushing towards 6’8. The skill level of Cork mixed with his size and athleticism push him to a NCAA Division I projection.

Jacob Germany Team Griffin 2019 Post 

Germany had a big-time opening game for Team Griffin scoring the ball great from within ten feet of the basket. The big question mark entering the summer for Germany was could he be tough and physical against strong bigs. In the final contest of the day, Germany faced a rotation of 3 strong bigs and held his own. Germany still needs to continue to get stronger and work on being tough against national level competition, but this was a step in the right direction.

Jett Sternberger Game Changer Hoops 2019 Point Guard 

Sternberger lit up the gym with three-point and mid-range shots. When he gets hot he is very tough to stop. He scored it best running off of screens in catch and shoot situations. Sternberger will be one of the top NCAA Division II recruits out of Oklahoma in 2019.


Jaden Jones Pipeline 2021 Wing 

Jones is a Long 6’7 Wing with lots of upside to his game with the way he can impact the games in multiple ways. He got his own shot off the bounce and also moved well without the ball. Jones created for others better than I thought he would have considering how good he is at his age most would look to be more selfish. Jones is going to a player NCAA Divison I programs want to take a strong look at this spring.

Bryce Cook YGC 36 2019 Point Guard 

Cook was excellent as the floor general for YGC 36 17U. He runs the show like a well-oiled machine setting up his guys in the perfect spots for success. The crisp passes of Cook are at another level. As a smaller Guard Cook has to make up for what he lacks in size. He silences doubters with his vision, passing, and defense. The intensity Cook brings to the table on defense is at another level. Cook has so many intangibles to his game that impact his team positively. He is currently committed to Tulsa.



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