Posted On: 04/7/18 4:06 PM

Not all rim protectors do it in the same way. Some operate mostly off of length, some off of motor, and some off of good footwork. Here’s a list of mostly 16U notable rim protectors from Saturday’s games.

Xavier Cook (2019) Dallas Showtyme Elite 17U- Sulphur Springs

Standing at 6’8’’ Xavier is a long and athletic forward who not only was able to block shots at the rim but disrupted many others. In some cases even if the primary defender was beat, the ball was passed back out to the perimeter.

Having Xavier allows Dallas Showtyme Elite 17U to pressure the ball more on the perimeter and put more emphasis on their opponents offensive execution.

Graham Ike (2020) Colorado Hawks 16U- Overland High School

Graham is not like many of the other guys on this list, as he does not excel in protecting the rim outside of his area.

However, he does an exceptional job of playing sound defense and walling up on his opponent when they’re near the basket.

At 6’7’’ he does possess the ability to block shots and help when needed but his real value is on the ball.

Paul Otieno (2020) KC Pacers Blue 16U- Sunrise Christian Academy

Paul had a couple of solid showings on Saturday. He put in a lot of effort on the defensive end, helping on drivers and negating second chance opportunities.

He is a good athlete and a good motor that puts him in the right position to disrupt shots in the paint.

Luke Moerman (2020) Pluto Prospects 16U- Doherty High School

Luke had the crowd on their feet with back to back blocks at one point on Saturday. At 6’9’’ he showed he could help on defense outside of his area and was able to quickly get off the floor to contest shots.

Ashanti Hunter– Pro Skills OK 16U

Ashanti did a great job around the rim against a big and long All-Arkansas Red team. Limiting the damage that Mason Matthews and Ryan Gordon had against Pro Skills OK.

Daniel Abera (2020)Missouri Flight 16U- Willard High School

Daniel was a versatile prospect, having a good build on him and athletic enough to help be a force in the middle. Since he has quick feet and good footwork, he can get across the lane in a hurry making him effective in the paint.