Player Spotlight: Drew Pember

North Carolina

Posted On: 04/26/18 1:26 PM

Live periods are always an interesting time of year as we get the chance to see a high amount of prospects in a small amount of time, as well as players from all over the country. Also we get the chance to see the development of youngsters from year to year with the main objective being to impress college coaches and earn scholarships. One young man that we saw last year was Drew Pember of Tennessee, who at the time was playing for the Tennessee Prospects. We got the opportunity to see him play at a live period event down in Myrtle Beach and we left very impressed with not only his ability to play the game but also his potential of what he could possibly be.

At 6’6 with the ability to: shoot the deep ball, finish above the rim, and a high IQ for the game, it was no surprise that he was a player that we felt should already have D1 interest at that point. Throughout the high school season we kept a close eye on him and he continued to play well throughout the year. He took home various awards, helped his team to win some games and even grew a few more inches to list him now at 6’9.  This year he made the decision to suit up for B.Maze Elite and test his talents on the UA Circuit against other legit player and many that have all received college offers. After only one live period he has already picked up two D1 offers from Samford University & Austin Peay University, to us this is no surprise, the only surprise was that it took this long.

Schools that are looking for a stretch forward player that can play in the half court setting should check Drew out over the next few weeks as well as the July period. He is not only a talented player but also a respectful young man that we feel will be a nice asset to a college program on and off the court.