Pitt JamFest 17U Standouts (Part 2)


Posted On: 04/25/18 12:41 PM

It was the first day of the live period, and Hoop Group’s Pitt JamFest in Pittsburgh, PA is back in full effect. One of the biggest live tournaments on the east coast, this year was yet again stacked with high level competition. With over 500 teams in attendance from all over the country and Canada, there was plenty of talent to choose from, so we won’t be able to get to all over them, but stay tuned as we break down some of the best performances we saw over the weekend.

Cam Brown | 6’5” G | The District

I had heard a lot about Brown before the tournament, and he did more than enough to prove that he is worth the hype as a legitimate division one guard. At 6’5” he has great size as a two guard, and he’s able to play on and off the basketball where he can score it from all over the floor. He’s a big time athlete with good length that has a chance to be a very good player on both ends of the floor at the next level.

Kevin Zhang | 6’9” F | Florida Eagles

One of the most versatile and gifted offensive players at the event, Zhang put up numbers and did so in so many impressive ways. At 6’9”, Zhang’s ability to play on the perimeter and at the high post are already next level worthy, and he showed the ability to put it on the deck and create his own shot with ease. He’s also a competitor on both ends in the paint, and is a walking mismatch that’s already ready to play at the next level.

Trevon Casey | 6’2” G | Team MOAM

Trevon Casen

Casey was up and down at times for MOAM, but what the kid brings to the table is some lightning quick feet that you can’t teach. With the ball in his hands he’s super quick and shifty, allowing him to get in the lane and make plays for himself and others. He also uses his quickness on the defensive end, as he’s a guy who will sit down and guard the basketball, making it very difficult for them and hounding them the entire game.

Tyler Koeler | 6’3” G | Middlesex Magic

The junior playing up saved his best game for the final day, shooting the lights out in the Magic’s championship win over Crown to secure their second straight Pitt JamFest title. The 6’3” combo has a beautiful stroke from deep, and when he got it going there was no stopping him. However, he still didn’t force shots, as he let the flow of the offense come to him and he took advantage when he got the opportunity to take and make shots.

Thomas O’Neil | 6’8” PF | Middlesex Magic

Thomas O'Neil

While Koeler was the star in the championship game, O’Neil was the catalyst throughout the tournament for Middlesex. The 6’8” power forward has a unique combination of skill set and toughness that allows him to impact the game in so many different ways/ Offensively, he can core inside and out, he’s active on the glass on both ends of the floor and he was a great teammate and leader throughout the event. He picked up an offer from Mount St. Mary’s.

Daniel Deaver | 6’7” PF | NOVA Cavs

Daniel Deaver

Emerging as a sleeper in the Northern VA area, Deaver is a throwback big man who can score on the block and in face up situations with ease. He has the whole repertoire in the low post. He can spin both ways, has the jump hook with both hands, can face up and attack both ways, works to get open and seals well. He also has improving range on his jump shot that should make him even more intriguing to college coaches, along with his high academics as well.

Matias Prock | 6’2” PG | NOVA Cavs

Matias Prock

Prock was huge for the NOVA Cavs on the way to them winning the 17U Steele bracket, and small college coaches should really take a look at him. He may not look like a hooper, but he’s tough, competitive and makes shots from all three levels. He can play on and off the basketball, is a knock down shooter from deep and will make you play hard if he’s on your team. He finished with 21 points in the championship game for them.