Orange State Classic: The Standouts


Posted On: 04/16/18 8:03 PM

The Orange State Classic hosted by Team Tampa, was held over the past weekend. I got a chance to view a few teams but could not see everyone due to it being over 80 teams in attendance. There was a lot of high level competition with games being close wire to wire.


The Standouts:

Jordan Daughtry – (Bartow Blazers)lightning quick guard with superior handles, gets into lane at will and gets up into opposing offenders.

Josh Simons – (Bartow Blazers) Posts hard and rebounds well.

Gilbert Jean – (Team X-factor) Fierce slasher, finishes above the rim.

Kamalii Findley – (Team Tampa) big guy who can play inside and out at a high level. Defended and rebounded at a high level also.

Jalen Brown – (Team Tampa) guard who can light it up quick. Saw 1 stretch where he made 4 consecutive shots from deep.

Andrew Johnson – (Team Tampa) Shooter with surprising bounce. He had several shots from deep and some nice chase down blocks.

Jaelen Jackson – (Grind Mode) Outstanding defender and spot up shooter.

Nolan Proctor – (Grind Mode) High flyer, had a few thunderous dunks and blocks.

Jerimiah Bars – (Grind Mode) ultimate play maker and slasher, makes others better.

Raysean Cebailor – (BWB Elite) has nice mid range game, solid defender.

Louis Deschouwer – (Crossover Kings) a solid guard who had highlight worthy passes and knocked down timely shots.

Jacobi Roberts – (Crossover Kings) great rebounder, decisive on the block when posting.

Mike Malagies – (Dream Nation FL) scorer with unlimited range. he didn’t see a shot he didn’t like and made defenses pay for mistakes.

Danny Krueger – (Dream Nation FL) Floor general, pushed the rock for easy buckets and found shooters when they were open.

Jalen Brown – (Demons 2021) Hard worker, post hard and finishes good in traffic.


Up and coming 2022 to watch:

Dominic Gooden – Team Tampa

Dillon Mitchell – Team Tampa

Trevor Dyson – Team Tampa

Javohn Thomas – Team 100 Tampa

Kevis Parker – Lakeland Fire

Christain Combs – Lakeland Fire

Jordy Lawry – Lakeland Fire