Posted On: 04/18/18 8:41 PM

WBC Elite 2020 Guard Jajuan Carr: His demeanor may fool you, he’s very laid back and doesn’t say much but his athletic ability and skillset is outstanding. He carried his high school team throughout the season so we know he can take over a game anytime but he is all about the team first and doing whatever it takes to make sure they win is secured. WBC Elite came up short in the game that we watched but he had some bigtime plays in the 2nd half that helped his team in a major way.

WBC Elite 2018 Guard Freddie Taylor: Several JUCO programs have already offered and you don’t have to watch him play for a long amount of time before you see why. He does all the small things that you want to see from a PG, it doesn’t matter if he is setting up teammates with assist, taking a charge or scoring the ball, he is constantly making an impact on the game.

Tristars 2020 Wing Anthony McCoy: We liked what we saw from him throughout the day but especially in their matchup with Flight 22 where he went for 22 points. One of the most impressive attributes about him is his upper body strength, he can embraces contact well and doesn’t have an issue finishing.

Flight 22 2020 Guard Dawson Smith: He displayed his ability to score the ball at a nice rate in their afternoon matchup on Saturday scoring 17 points. He can shoot the deep ball well and does a good job of moving without the ball as well as keeping the game the simple and being a very efficient player overall.

Team Wall Big East 2020 Guard Jay Hickman: A young prospect with a nice amount of upside and impressive ability to shoot the deep ball. He handles things pretty well from a demeanor standpoint and although he still has some work to do we like his upside and what he will bring to Terry Sanford HS next year.

Team ENC 2019 Guard James Richardson: Another guard that impressed us with his ability to defend at a high level and his toughness. We saw him during the high school season and he brought the same type of production to this team, his scoring numbers may not impress you but he does a lot of other good things for his team.