More 2020 Standouts

North Carolina

Posted On: 04/18/18 9:12 AM

Team ENC 2020 Jyquan Sheppard: A player that doesn’t mind doing the dirty work for his squad, he brought a high level of energy and intensity all game. Where he really made his mark was on the offensive boards, he fought and battle for boards to provide his squad with extra possessions.

Team ENC 2020 Wing Kentrell Suggs: He’s a newer addition to the squad but we have seen before that he is a player with a nice amount of skill and potential. When you combine his height, wingspan and skillset, then you have a player who could very well turn out to be a special prospect. In their matchup with Big Shots Elite SC he didn’t have much of a first half but turned it up nicely in the 2nd half.

Team ENC 2020 Guard Reggie Walton: Walton got off to a slower start in the first half but got better as the game went on. Although he didn’t score a high amount in the 2nd half, he brought more energy and made some plays for teammates.

Fight 22 Sophomore Guard Wesley Case: He’s skilled, confident and has a gift for getting buckets fairly easily. Throughout the event he showed some outstanding ball handling skills, what you have to appreciate is how he knowns how to use the moves in arsenal at the right time to create separation and opportunities.

Team Wall Big East Sophomore Wing Yates Johnson: There  is a lot to like about the upside of this young man, he has solid height for a player on the wing spot already and has a nice IQ for the game. He can shoot the deep ball as well as the midrange shot, staying aggressive at all times is the next step for him which can take him to the next level.

GRoad Bulldogs Sophomore Guard Wykise Allen: Another player that we have seen quite a bit over the past few years, he continues to improve each time we see him and he always seems to play the game under control . Heading into his junior year at South Granville he will be called on to provide some leadership for his squad to go long with his freshman teammate Bobby Pettiford.