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Posted On: 04/28/18 10:29 AM

Report on 2018 Southern California Hoop Review

The 15th annual Southern California Hoop Review was held Friday, Saturday, & Sunday April 20-22, 2018 at Next Level Sports Complex and the MAP in Garden Grove and Cerritos College in Norwalk. 280 teams from the western United States participated in the largest spring event in the west. Here is a report on the event.

6’9” C Leo Leon of Sanger HS 2019 (California United 55917U)                                                                           -Big body, establishes offensive post position and seals, can release and catch ball, rebounds at rim. Scores on offensive put backs.

6’0 PG Sebastian Loera of Schurr HS 2019 (Team Veritas 17u)

Good PG skills, real smooth shifty guard with nice handles, weaves around the defense especially in transition keeping his head up and getting the ball to his teammate at the right place and time, puts the ball on the floor looking to create for others.


5’9” PG Cameron Lorzeno of Middle College HS 2019 (UTU Gorillas West Elite)                                               -Good feel for game, plays with moxie and understands how to run a team. Has good vision and passing skills.  


*5’9 PG Anthony Martinez of Clovis HS 2018 (Oakland Soldiers Seniors)

Talented skilled PG!!! High IQ point guard, dynamic scorer,  small heavy set guard, but very crafty and his quickness can be deceptive, has great court vision looks for open man up court and pushes the tempo, sets up offense in half court and puts guys in their spots great floor general, is a confident shooter and a consistent 3- point shooter with deep range, quick first step and has great counters, finds gaps and attacks them looking to get to the front rim if not make a nice flashy pass to teammates, Great distributor and very unselfish. Plays hard and shuffles feet pretty good defensively.


5’10” CG Claude Mckesey of Middlebrooks Academy 2018 (UTU Gorillas South 17)                                          -Quick and strong, shifty with ball and creates off the dribble and can score.

6’4 SG Alexander Mishaw of West HS 2019 (TBF 17u)

Long guard with pretty good athleticism, is a consistent shooter, can pull up for mid-range shots> Shoots the 3 from deep beyond the arc, has high release and high arc on his shot, plays hard and rebounds with aggressiveness, lock down defender!!


6’2 CG Courtland Moffatt of Centennial HS 2019 (Determined 17u)

Athletic thin framed guard, has a quick first step making it hard to defenders to stay with him, real shifty and savvy with his handles, plays really hard with continuously high motor, pursues rebounds!!


6’8” PF Kade Muru of Palmerston North Boy’s HS 2018 (ABD ONE 17U)                                                           -Athletic and long and has good feel for the game, runs the floor well and has above average lateral quickness. Fairly quick off the floor and can score with back to basket in post with Jump hook.  MM player

6’9 Post Tyler Nanney 2019 of Amador HS (Tyler Johnson Elite 17U)

Versatile player with size that can shoot the 3 off the catch and shoot. Can score at all 3 levels and is great in the paint. His size makes him a very interesting prospect. Think he is a scholarship level player.


*6’7 PF Jonathan Ned of Heritage HS 2018 (Oakland Soldiers Seniors)

Lanky big, good size and athletic scorer!!! Stretch 4 with good skill set, can score in bunches, Capable of making the “3” from deep, can shoot from all around the perimeter is not hesitant to shoot it, handles the ball well and tight, his strength is his pull up game!!!! One dribble pull, two dribbles step back, does not miss from mid-range is pretty accurate, will play with back to the basket and can finish through contact, plays hard on both ends, defensive presence is noticeable pretty good shot blocker, needs to build more strength.  D1 PROSPECT


6’8” PF Brennen Newsom of Sheldon HS 2019 (Lakeshow 17’s Black)                                                           -Long arms with good shoulders can run the floor and has good hands. Plays straight up and needs to play lower and squat in post. Fairly good leaper and rebounding. Needs to improve on finishing around the basket.  D2 Player


*6’4  PF Michael Nilsen of Sunnyslope HS 2019 (Aim High Elite Athletes 17u)

Tough big body undersized forward, plays more like a guard than a forward, scorer and competitor, can handle the ball okay, does a great job of taking the ball to the cup and finishing with aggressiveness, he works hard has a high motor! Continuous effort, can knock down an open 3 point shot. NAIA, D3 PROSPECT


*6’7 SG Mrijan Obad of British Columbia Christian Academy 2018 (BC Panther Hoops)

Knock down 3 point shooter both off the catch and off the dribble has a pure form and can shoot it from deep, Athletic and strong body frame, Long active hard nose wing who attacks the basket fearlessly trying to create contact and finish around the rim, moves well without the ball, very fundamentally sound, plays hard and has a high motor with just continuous effort, All around scorer, fights for rebounds and pursues them well, his length and athleticism make him an impact player defensively.   (D1 prospect)


6’2 SG Kester Ofegbu of Carson HS 2018 (Bobcats Black 17U)

Strong guard who can really affect the game with his ability to drive the lane to finish with either hand or create for teammates. Guards the ball very well but needs to improve strength to compete at the next level.


*6’2 PG Refuge Oghomienor of British Columbia Christian Academy 2021 (BC Panther Hoops)

Has high feel for the game especially for a young prospect, Has the basketball IQ to be a point guard, athleticism is good, his passing ability and handles are phenomenal, smart young guard who knows how to balance scoring and distributing, rarely forces the issue offensively, in transition has head in swivel and pushes the tempo and outlets it to the open guy up the court, has great body size and length, attacks the seams and takes long strides to get to the basket pretty good finisher, is a lock down defender, has long arms and gets deflections and steals, plays hard and gives continuous effort, great energy! POTENTIAL D1 PROSPECT KEEP EYES ON HIM!


6’4” SG Alpha Okoli of St. John Bosco HS 2019 (California Stars 17U Platinum)                                                   -Physical and well put together, plays with physicality on both ends of floor.  Has a good 1st step and creates contact on dribble attack moves to the basket. Scorer mentality. Needs to improve on his shooting. LM player


*6’4 SF Jeffrey Okeke of Mount Eden HS 2018 (Oakland Soldiers Seniors)

Very athletic and has great skill set, runs the floor at both ends, can out the ball on the floor and gets to the basket at will is a bully!! Has the ability to play inside out, plays a lot with back to the basket and likes to post up. Great touch around the rim and good post moves, continuous efforts rebounding and getting put backs! High motor and great energy, can defend multiple positions. Fundamentally sound. Didn’t see him shoot the ball that much. D2, POSSIBLY LOW D1


6’10 Post John Olmstead of Morenci HS 2019 (Powerhouse Hoops 17 Dynasty)

Long and thin. Works hard on the glass. Has a great understand of where the ball is going to go. Make quick, decisive moves on the block. Has good timing defensively and blocks a lot of shots. Needs to improve his conditioning and motor. As he grows into his body he can be a good college player.


*6’4 SF Patric Pahoosi of La Canada HS 2018 (Blazers 17u)

Undersize big, plays more like a guard, can shoot the “3” from multiple spots on the court, has a smooth shot, plays with energy and aggressiveness. D3 PROSPECT


6’5 SF Michael Paodocchi of San Marino HS 2019 (BTI Prep Stars White)

Big size guard, very tough and physical, capable of making the “3”, attacks the basket with vengeance and finishes through contact well.

6’5” SF Troy Patterson of Kuna HS 2019 (Boise Slam 17U)                                                                                   -Gritty and tough, who is an undersized post who seal’s for position and scores around the basket.

5’11 SG Luis Perez of St. Patrick St. Vincent HS 2019 (Oakland Rebels 17u Red)

Shooter with quick release, knockdown “3” point specialist from all over the arc, sits down in a low stance and has active hands, moves feet laterally, is not scared of competing.


6’1” SG Blaine Petronis of Pacific Coast HS 2019 (WCEUA 17U Black)                                                              -Savy, understands how to play the game, makes good reads coming off screens to create space to shoot the ball off catch and shoot situations.  

*6’5 PF James Ponder of Steele Canyon HS 2019 (SD Elite 17u Premier)

A bundle of potential. Thin and lanky, real active on offense and defense, gets in the paint and looks to put the ball on the floor and attack, decent ball handing moves, will work hard to post up and seal, can finish around the rim pretty athletic, capable of making it rain from the “3”.


5’11” CG Mason Presley of Inderkum HS 2020 (2nd 2 None Born Ball’n 17)                                                                             -Shifty ball handler, with good vision, who can get to front rim and finish.  Has good dribble attack moves out of triple threat.

6’3” SF Sean Reed of La Jolla Country Day HS 2020 (WCEUA SD 17U Black)                                                     -Decent length and size, capable ball handler on perimeter who can create off the dribble. Capable catch and shoot “3” ability.

6’2 SG Eli Reynolds of Cottonwood HS 2019 (UBC 17u Select)

Long and lengthy player, can play multiple positions from guard to big!! Okay athleticism, capable of knocking down the “3’ streaky shooter though at times, rebounds and pursues the ball well.


6’4 Wing Luca Robinson of Hart HS 2018 (Truth OC 17U)

Strong athletic kid who plays very hard. Has a college build and is very athletic.

Think he can help a D3 program as an upperclassman. Needs to improve perimeter shooting.


6’6” F Teiquan Rush of Bullard HS 2019 (Sound Basketball)                                                                                  -Long and fairly athletic and can handle the ball on perimeter and get into offense. Rebounds ball out of area and has multiple efforts. **Sleeper**


*5’11 CG Brandon Salazar of Desert Mountain HS 2019 (Powerhouse Hoops 17 Scottdale)

Efficient scoring guard with a consistent 3-point jump shoot and good speed in transition and half-court settings. Has great court vision and keeps head in a swivel. Moves very well without the ball, great energetic player.

6’2 SG Nathan Sanchez of A.B Miller HS 2019 (Team Fundamentals 17u)

Versatile guard with the capability to shoot the “3” ball!!! Fair athleticism and length, communicates well on the court very vocal! Plays hard and is a competitor.


6’5” SF Hunter Santsche of Arcata HS 2019 (Lakeshow 17’s Black)                                                                               -Physical presence who can play outside and inside who is capable ball handler, can get in lane off the dribble.  Fairly good shooter from “3” and has potential to play solely on perimeter. **Sleeper*

6’5” SF Nick Schrader of Bishop Montgomery HS 2019 (California Stars 17U Elite)                                           -Long with good motor and athleticism, good hands and feet. Creative finisher around basket with nice touch and face’s up from 15ft and shoots ball.  

6’3 SF Elijah Seales of Morse HS 2019 (WCE SD 17u Silver)

Really athletic with a good strong body frame, has a high motor on body ends of the floor, has good touch around the basket!! Capable of chasing down defenders and blocking shots. Presence is felt defensively.


*6’4” SG Trevor Seesemann of Troy HS 2019 (OGP 17U HQ Elite)                                                                        -Good size and length, good shooter from distance. Plays extremely hard and competes on every possession.  D2-NAIA player

5’10 PG Angel Serena of El Capitan HS 2018 (Stanco Stampede 17u)

Good PG skills, that looks to facilitate and make plays, pushes the ball up court and gets into seams forcing second defender to come help and finds open man, pretty solid ball handling skills, can score inn bunches.  UC Merced offer!


6’1 CG Yohance Sharp 2019 of Little Rock HS (Crush 17u)

Explosive player, has good basketball IQ, has great feel for the game, can get to the basket and finish through height, plays really good defense says low in a stance shoots up the ball line to get steals, great anticipation.

6’0 SG Aden Shoemaker of Monte Vista HS 2019 (Lakeshow 17’s Select/HA)

Can put the ball in the hoop. Is a consistent shooter from beyond the arc and mid- range, does a great job of getting into the paint and avoiding contact with a nice counter moves, has good vision and is a good passer.


6’4” W Marlon Short of Monte Vista HS 2019 (Bay Area Warriors 17U Gold)                                                     -Long wing span with above average athleticism and can handling ball effectively and get to the basket and score.  Has good body control and finish around traffic.



6’4 Wing Jayden Shyne of Dougherty Valley HS 2018 (Shawn Smith Basketball)

Athletic wing, could also play in the post. Strong and bouncy, good touch from midrange. Can handle in transition.


6’3” SF Jeylen Slaton of Newark Memorial HS 2019 (Bay Area Warriors 17U Blue)                                            -Stout and strong, with good shoulders. Can play inside and out and creates contact, has a knack for getting to the free-throw line.  Capable shooter from 15ft.

*5’11 PG Kameron Small of St. Pius X St. Matthias HS 2018 (Team Superstar Unsigned)

Crafty guard who is good at getting into the paint and finishing with a variety of lay ups in his arsenal. Knock down shooter can shoot from anywhere around the 3-point line, okay rebounder for a PG, is a pest defensively and is a lock down defender


5’10 PG Marcell Smith of Centennial HS 2019 (Determined 17u)

Good ball handling skills, athletic with long arms, capable of hitting the open shot, slithers his way into the paint and is good at delivering the pass to the open man, flash passer.


6’4 Wing Roman Solomon of Pasadena HS 2019 (Prodigy 17 Platinum)

Can make shots from anywhere on perimeter at a very high clip. Loves the catch and shoot especially from the corners. Has a very high release, tough to guard. Can also drive it to score or facilitate. Good young player.


6’0 PG Colten Thomas of Camelback HS  2018 (Aim High Elite 17u)

Scoring PG, has the ability to be a very good passer, real shifty when handling the ball and is in scoring mode in the half court set attacking the rim and creating contact and finishing around defenders. Can shoot the open “3”


6’3 Wing Hunter Thorne of Thousand Oaks HS 2019 (WCEUA 17 HA)

Good size for a perimeter player. Ability to pick and pop and make the catch and shoot 3. Can drive and score wither either hand but is better going right.


*6’6 SG Jalen Townsell of Spanish Springs HS 2018 (WCE Diamond Unsigned Seniors)

Tough, Versatile and High IQ wing that’s strong and athletic, ball handling skills are good, very physical can get to the rim at will, good 1 on 1 moves can drag his defender all the way into the paint and finish through contact, Inside and out player, will post up back to the basket kind of guy, has pretty good post  moves, does a great job of sealing and posting up, can shoot from deep and multiple spots on the court, plays hard and defends well, moves feet very good laterally cuts guys off and turns them and not allowing them to score. MID MAJOR D1


6’3 SG Jarrell Trotter of Temecula Preparatory 2019 (WCE UA SD 17 Black)

Plays hard, is a driver and slasher, pretty quick first step and fast when attacking downhill weaving his way to a bucket. Rebounds at a high level!!! Is very tough and is a competitor, stays lo on defense and move quick defensively.  


6’5 Post Sam Tobin of Mountain View HS 2019 (Peak Basketball 17U)

Long and thin post player, surprisingly very strong for his build and has good touch on shots in the paint. Has a good frame where he could put some weight on.

6’1” CG Makhi Turner of Weston Ranch HS 2019 (Splash City Esface Elite)                                                        -Athletic and has good motor who can create off the dribble and score through traffic

6’7 SF Michael Ure of Rirle HS 2019 (UBC 17u Select)

Good post up man, has a nice soft touch around the basket, pretty solid frame and has great patience when he receives the ball in the post, good post moves, needs to improve jump shot.


*6’4 SG Dominick Von Waaden of Pitman HS 2018 (Stanco Stampede 17u)

Really long and physical, can handle the rock pretty well, capable of playing multiple positions, plays hard and attacks the basket with aggression, unorthodox shot, but it goes in and has the tendency to follow his shot which puts in a good rebounding position every time. Has a high motor with okay athleticism, is very unselfish and looking to fins teammates. Is a leader on the floor. NAIA, D3, D2. Offered by UC Merced

*6’6 PF Desmond Washington of Blair HS 2018 (OGP Unsigned Seniors Black)

Long and bouncy athlete, with great body size, plays hard and rebounds the ball well, can handle the rock and can shoot the mid- range, pretty good finisher around the rim, kid has a lot of potential and improvement he can make! Needs to improve strength and work a little more on his post moves.


6’5 Post Darren Ware of Royal HS 2019 (Hard Work Basketball)

Strong and wide post player who plays very hard. Not overly skilled but his motor makes him a good prospect. Has tons of potential.


*6’6” SG Jihaun Westbrook of Serrano HS 2019 (California Stars 17U Elite)                                                  –Good shooter with length, attacks basket off the dribble and above average ball handling skills.  Can create space and get his own shot off and score over top of defenders. MM player.

*6’2 CG Jaren Williams Chino Hills HS 2018 (BBC Elite 17u)

Nice all-around player who manages when to distribute and when to look for his own shot, great feel for the game and is a 3 pt shooter, has deep range!! Can shoot from all over the perimeter, is not hesitant to shoot and has a quick shooting release, quick on ball defender with elite speed, pays hard and is competitive. Really enjoyed watching his game


6’8 Post Mykale Williams of Redlands East Valley HS 2018 (IEBP All-Stars 17U)

Very strong and athletic post player. Can catch and drive from perimeter and score it. Automatic two points when he catches in the paint. Can finish with either hand inside. Could see him contributing at the division 1 level as an upperclassman.


*7’0 C Jack Wilson of Junipero Serra HS 2018 (Lakeshow 17’s Elite)

Big body 5 man with a nice post up game and face up game as well, Great post moves and has a nice touch around the basket, Tends to seal really well with his hands up and elbows up not allowing the defender to get around him, high motor active guy who rebounds well on both ends of the floor and plays hi strength as a rim runner, contest everything around the basket defensively, pursues rebounds and put backs with aggression, Moves well for a 7 footer!!! Committed to Oregon State.


6’0” PG Brenton Woods of Dominguez HS 2018 (California Stars 17U Platinum)                                                -Quick with the ball, has decent vision and ability to see plays develop, capable shooter with range. Solid on ball defender.

6’5” SF Kelvin Wright Jr of Rancho Cucamonga HS 2018 (Prodigy Seniors)                                                         -Inside and outside player who is a mismatch nightmare, can take bigger defenders off the dribble and take smaller players inside post them.  Capable shooter from 15ft.

5’10” G Johnny Yu of St. Ignatius College Prep HS 2019 (Bay Area Warriors 17U Blue)                                     -Quick, fast with ball and has a scorers mentality likes to attack the basket and score.  

*6’2 PG Levelle Zeiglar of Ridgeview HS 2018 (WCEUA Diamond Unsigned Seniors)

A skilled true scoring PG, Impressive athlete with lighting quick top speed in transition, smart guard who understands how to balance scoring and distributing, In transition he has his head up and in a swivel giving him the opportunity to pass the ball up ahead to open guys, great ball handling ability, scores in bunches, has a quick first step that allows him to get by defenders in a half court setting, has good body control and balance allowing him to absorb contact and finish with a variety of lay ups in his arsenal, can shoot the 3 at a high level NBA range, catch and shoot, dribble pull up game is good, Moves well without the ball and plays hard on both ends of the court, can be a lock up defender and has active hands which helps him get a lot of deflections and steals, Rebounds well! Is a true competitor and is passionate for the game. D1 PROSPECT


Names To Note: (*indicates highest consideration)


5’9” PG Jordan Agbara of Patriot HS 2018 (MOC D1 Elite 17u)

6’0” G Hirohito Aizawa of Mater Dei HS 2018 (OC Rain 17u Black)

*5’11 PG Arturo Angeles of El Rancho HS 2018 (NOC/MAP 17u)

*6’2 CG Jamaal Barnes of Bonita HS (BBC Elite 17)

*6’4 CG Andre Batiste of La Mirada HS 2019 (Team Veritas 17u)

*6’2 PG Anthony Bell II  of Valley Etiwanda HS 2019 (BBC Elite 17)

*6’6 F Mikai Benn of El Camino HS 2018 (NOC/MAP 17u)

*6’3 CG Malcolm Bray of Saint Bernard HS 2019 (Cal Supreme 17u Black Elite/Premier)

*6’5 SF Kyle Brown of Dublin HS 2018 (Lakeshow Seniors)

*6’0 PG Xavion Brown of Sheldon HS 2020 (Lakeshow 17’s Elite)

*6’0 PG Devon Brown Leuzinger HS 2018 (OGP Unsigned Seniors Blue)

*6’3 SG Prince Burford of Leuzinger HS 2018 (OGP Unsigned Seniors Blue)

6’4” W Malik Campbell of Hoover HS 2018 (Lark’s Elite 17u

*6’5 PF Jalen Chandler of De Anza HS 2018 (Lakeshow Seniors)

*5’10 PG Hansen Clark of George Washington Prep HS 2019 (Gardena Wolfpack)

*6’1 PG Christopher Dashiell of Centennial HS  2019 (TBF 17)

*6’9 C Solomon Dodd of Millikan HS 2018 (Cal Supreme 17u Black Elite/Premier)

*6’5” W Marquiz Edwards of Mt Miguel HS 2019 (Lark’s Elite 17u)

*6’6 SF Melvin Ely of Edison HS 2018 (Team Superstar Unsigned)

5’11” Tommy Feldman of Beckman HS  2019 (OC Rain 17u Black

*6’5 SG Jaishon Forte of Rancho Verde HS 2018 (OGP Unsigned Seniors black)

*6’5 SG Austin Galuppo of West Ranch HS 2018 (WCEUA Diamond Unsigned Seniors)

*6’4 CG Jordan Griffin of Narbonne HS 2018 (WCE UA Diamond Unsigned Seniors)                  

*6’5 SF Riley Grigsby of Archbishop Mitty HS 2018 (WCE UA Diamond Unsigned Seniors)       

*6’6 SG Lucas Holden of Canyon HS 2018 (WCE UA Diamond Unsigned Seniors)                        

*6’4” Cooper Jervis of Orange Lutheran 2019 (MOC D1 Elite 17u

*6’4 SG Isaiah Jones of Folsom HS 2018 (Lakeshow 17’s Elite)       

*6’2 SG Justin Johnston of Shadow Mountain HS 2019 (AZ Rebels 17 White)                                         *6’4 SF Richard Kawakami of Valencia HS  2019 (Blazers 17u)                                                *5’9 PG Anthony Martinez of Clovis HS 2018 (Oakland Soldiers Seniors)                   

6’2” G Elijah McGee of Cabrillo HS 2019 (Long Beach Gold Black)

*6’4” G/W Seth Mishler of Ocean View HS 2018 (Team Hardwood 17u Black)

*6’7 PF Jonathan Ned of Heritage HS  2018 (Oakland Soldiers Seniors)              

*6’4 PF Michael Nilsen of Sunny slope HS 2019 (Aim High Elite Athletes 17u)                                             *6’7 SG Mrijan Obad of British Columbia Christian Academy 2018 (BC Panther Hoops)

*6’2 PG Refuge Oghomienor of British Columbia Christian Academy 2021 (BC Panther Hoops)

*6’4 SF Jeffrey Okeke of Mount Eden HS 2018 (Oakland Soldiers Seniors)                *6’4 SF Patric Pahoosi of La Canada HS 2018 (Blazers 17u)

*6’5 PF James Ponder of Steele Canyon HS 2019 (SD Elite 17u Premier)                       *5’11 CG Brandon Salazar of Desert Mountain HS 2019 (Powerhouse Hoops 17 Scottdale)

6’1” Chopin Scott Jr of Colony HS 2019 (MOC D1 Elite 17u)

*6’0” G Tawrence Shoffner of Assurance Learning Academy 2018 (UTU Gorillas Premier)

*5’11 PG Kameron Small of St.Pius X St. Matthias HS 2018 (Team Superstar Unsigned)

*6’6 SG Jalen Townsell of Spanish Springs HS 2018 (WCE Diamond Unsigned Seniors)

*6’4” G/W Baron Traylor of Mt Miguel HS 2018 (Lark’s Elite 17u

*6’4 SG Dominick Von Waaden of Pitman HS 2018 (Stanco Stampede 17u)

*6’6 PF Desmond Washington of Blair HS  2018 (OGP Unsigned Seniors Black)

*6’2 CG Jaren Williams Chino Hills HS 2018 (BBC Elite 17u)

6’4” W John Williams of Christian HS 2019 (Lark’s Elite 17u)

*7’0 C Jack Wilson of Junipero HS 2018 (Lakeshow 17’s Elite)

*6’2 PG Levelle Zeiglar of Ridgeview HS 2018 (WCEUA Diamond Unsigned Seniors)