Midwest Live! (Omaha) Iowa Stock Risers


Posted On: 04/24/18 2:00 PM

Plenty of Iowa squads took the court last weekend in Omaha for the first of two April live periods (the second is this weekend), and plenty of college coaches were there to take it in. It was mostly D2, D3 and NAIA coaches at the event, and these Iowa guys saw their stock rise in front of them. 


Derek Emilifeonwu, 6’3 G (Kingdom Hoops-Mosley 17U)

There was a ton of buzz surrounding the Australian product turned Valley Tiger, and it might not be too long before he’s got some offers coming in. His demeanor and pace is what sets him apart, and there’s plenty of skill and ability, too. He handles it adeptly and shoots it well. His frame is big and strong, but he’s able to attack rack with blow-by quickness. After a strong junior season at Valley, he recently made his debut at No. 41, that’s not high enough, he’ll be in the top-25 — at least — in the next rankings. Big things might be coming soon for this Aussie.


Dante Eldridge, 5’9 PG (Iowa Dynasty 17U)

We recently moved him up to No. 36 in the rankings. And there’s a chance, if he keeps playing like he did when we saw him put up 27 points against Minnesota-Nelson, that he could move up again in the next rankings. Eldridge has a great feel for the game, and a great touch on his deep-ball and floater. His ability to create for himself and others was among the best we saw from an Iowa player last weekend.


DaQuavian Walker, 6’1 PG (All Iowa Attack Black 16U)

Currently unranked, Walker will make a very high debut in the next 2020 rankings. He had a decent season for the Trojans as a sophomore, averaging just north of five points per game and seeing the floor in 21 of 22 games. But, really, we’re wondering how he wasn’t more productive. He’s a supremely quick player with excellent defensive instincts and was the best playmaker we saw all weekend from Iowa. Walker relentlessly attacks the hoop, and certainly looks like a potential scholarship-level player.


Adam Jackson, 5’10 (Kingdom Hoops-Stinson 17U)

Former Cyclones standout Curtis Stinson coaches this Hoover guard’s Kingdom Hoops team, which would be the equivalent of a KH Elite II team of year’s past. And although Jackson would certainly fit in well with the top KH squad, he’s able to be the main-man and primary ball-handler on Stinson’s squad. He plays that role very well. Jackson has a nice handle and is able to get red-hot from deep. His ability to blow-by his opponent allows him to get to the rim where he can finish athletically and creatively. He’ll move up from his current spot of No. 52 in the next 2019 rankings.


Logan Peters, 6’2 G (Iowa Cornsharks Select 17U)

Currently No. 74 in the 2019 rankings, Peters looks like he might be more of a top-50 caliber prospect after playing the catalyst role for a good Iowa Cornsharks squad last weekend. He’s able to score it, but what’s most striking about Peters, is that there’s really nothing he doesn’t do well. His length makes him absolutely menacing on the defensive end, and he’s done a nice job of developing his passing, which was top-notch last Sunday.


Tyler Sansgaard, 5’10 SG (All Iowa Attack Black 16U)

He struggled as a sophomore with Nevada, averaging just 5.6 points per game and shooting just 27 percent from the floor. As a result, we moved him down in the latest installment of 2020 rankings, to No. 82. After last weekend’s showing, he’ll likely be moved up again. He canned eight 3s in a semifinal game, and was the absolute difference-maker in that win. Sansgaard looked every bit of a sharpshooter last weekend, and will have two years at Nevada to prove just how good he can be from deep.


Matt Ockey, 5’10 G (Kingdom Hoops Elite 16U)

Aside from Walker, this Gilbert guard was the next best gem we unearthed last weekend in Omaha. Despite averaging 11.6 points and 1.6 steals per game as a sophomore for Class 3A Gilbert, we knew next to nothing about him. It was his crafty style of play that made him such a dynamic threat last weekend in Omaha. He’s clever and cunning with the ball in his hands, and gets off shots that others wouldn’t have the ability to at his size. Basically, he’s very fun to watch, and will debut in the 2020 rankings later this summer.