Live Period Watchlist

North Carolina

Posted On: 04/16/18 2:32 PM

The live period for college coaches to evaluate players is this coming weekend and there are sure to be some players getting some offers from college programs around the country. Here is our look at some of the prospects from North Carolina that will see their recruitment pick up with a strong live period.

El Ellis, 6’2, 2019 PG Team Wall 17U-The ultra-smooth guard out of Durham, North Carolina has legitimized himself as a mid-major must have. He is able to score off the dribble, he can shoot out to the three-point line, has high-level athleticism, he can control the game with his shotmaking and is a solid defender.

Byron Sanders 6’1, 2018 G Carolina Sky 17U-Sanders is a strong defender with his size and strength, he is able to be a floor leader and can also knock down shots from the perimeter. He is a do-it-all type of player that will fit in well at a Division II school.

CJ Huntley 6’9, 2020 F PSB Elite 16U-Huntley is a college prospect at 6’9, he excels in making the perimeter mid-range shot and can run the floor well for a big man. He is a prospect to watch during the upcoming live period.

Shakeel Moore 6’0, 2019 G Team United-Moore is one of the more athletic players in the class, has the same athleticism as Jalen Lecque with his ability to jump with anyone on the floor. He is strong and has a tight handle, he will be one to take a look at for a prospect that can come in and contribute at the point guard position.

Javarzia Belton 6’9, 2020 Team United-A beast physically, Belton is an imposing force in the paint, he is a big-time rebounder with a game that is evolving in the paint. He is an above average passer out of the post and can play above the rim.