Live Period: Gauntlet (Gold) x EYBL Preview


Posted On: 04/19/18 9:55 AM

This weekend the first live period gets under way. With two Virginia teams on both the Nike EYBL and Adidas Gauntlet circuits, here, we preview those teams, their schedules, and key players to be on the lookout for to begin this exciting season of Grassroots basketball.

Nike EYBL – Dallas, Texas – DRIVE Nation 
Boo Williams AAU 17U – Schedule:

  • Boo Williams vs. Howard Pulley (Minnesota) @ 9:30PM – Court 3


  • Boo Williams vs. E1T1 (Florida) @ 11:00AM – Court 4
  • Boo Williams vs. Team United (North Carolina) @ 8:00PM – Court 5


  • Boo Williams vs. Mac Irvin Fire (Illinois) @ 9:30AM – Court 5

Key Players:

  • Aundre Hyatt: A 4-Star Guard, Hyatt returns to the Boo Williams lineup, for his third season on the EYBL circuit.
  • Cameron Thomas: Deciding to not play high school basketball this past season, sophomore guard, the lone sophomore on the Boo Williams 17U roster, has plenty people waiting to see what is now in his bag. Thomas will be looked upon to fill the void now left by Kentucky commit, Keldon Johnson, a job he is more than ready for.

Adidas Gauntlet – Washington DC – Athletic Republic – Gold Gauntlet 
Team Loaded VA 15 U Schedule –

  • Team Loaded VA 15U vs. Team Knight (Florida) @ 1:00 PM – Court 3
  • Team Loaded VA 15U vs. CP25 (Florida) @ 7:15PM – Court 5


  • Team Loaded VA 15U vs. Brookwood Elite (Canada) @ 11:45AM – Court 6
  • Team Loaded VA 15U vs. K Low (Pennsylvania) @ 2:15PM – Court 5

Team Loaded VA 16U Schedule –

  • Team Loaded VA 16U vs. Garner Road (North Carolina) @ 10:30AM – Court 2
  • Team Loaded VA 16U vs. Team Knight (Florida) @ 2:15PM – Court 3


  • Team Loaded VA 16U vs. CP25 (Florida) @ 9:15AM – Court 6
  • Team Loaded VA 16U vs. DC Thunder (Maryland) @ 2:15 – Court 1

Team Loaded VA 17U Schedule – 

  • Team Loaded VA 17U vs. NY Jayhawks  (New York) @ 1:00PM – Court 1
  • Team Loaded VA 17U vs. Upward Stars (South Carolina) @ 3:30PM – Court 2


  • Team Loaded VA 17U vs. Team New England (Massachusetts) @ 10:30AM – Court 1
  • Team Loaded VA 17U vs. Team Knight (Florida) @ 1:00PM – Court 2

Key Players:

  • Armando Bacot: A 6’10 PF, Gauntlet veteran, looks to led the 17U squad to another Adidas Gauntlet championship.
  • Earl Timberlake: The only sophomore on the 17U roster, Timberlake, of DeMatha, has already begin to see his stock begin to rise, and shall continue.
  • Elvin Edmunds: The show runner of the 16U squad, Edmunds,a freshman, who led his Hopewell Blue Devils to a 3A Final Four berth, and looks to take the 16U squad far.
  • Henry Coleman: Starring in a trio with Bacot, and Boo Williams alum, Jason Wade, Coleman, or “Baby LeBron” will prove this nickname to be true with this first live session.
  • Anthony “AJ” Williams: A freshman, who ran with Boo Williams last year, is now running the show for the 15U Loaded squad.
  • Roosevelt Wheeler: Also a freshman, Wheeler who also ran with Boo Williams, is now the big post man for the 15U Loaded squad, who should make some noise on the circuit this summer.