Posted On: 04/11/18 8:00 AM

The 2017-2018 season has ended and we are now in AAU season. The class of 2021 freshman campaign is now over and it is now time for these prospects to start getting ready for their sophomore campaign and to develop into better players for next season. Here is part two of the few key 2021 prospects that have caught the media’s attention during the high school season and who college coaches should keep their eye on this spring and summer on the AAU circuit.


5’9 point guard Kedrick Green – Meadowcreek High School 

Coming off his state championship run and fabulous freshman season, Kedrick Green looks to hop right in the AAU circuit with his loaded Stackhouse Elite 15U squad. Mr. Green has definetly caught the media’s attention this season with his steller play at the point guard positon for the class 7A state champions Meadowcreek. He is a solid point guard with incredible vision and IQ. Reminds me a litte of former Kentucky point guard Isaiah Briscoe in terms of his body. He is a pure definition of a point guard when the ball is in his possession. Kedrick is a tone setter and gets everyone around him involve in the offense. He has quick instincts and reacts to whatever the defense gives him. Once he develops, he will be on college coaches radar as he is in for a big summer in the Adidas Gauntlet and looking forward to another great year with Meadowcreek.


6’5 forward Tyler Shirley – Pebblebrook High School 

Tyler did not really get significant mintues on varsity this year for Pebblebrook, but he was able to get some minutes towards the end of their incredible season. But he is only a freshman and is still developing his game and he is in the right hands with the Pebblebrook staff, who are known of developing their kids over the years. Tyler is one of the interesting 2021 prospects we have in the state of Georgia. His strengths come at the defensive end, where he can be a vicious shot blocker, crash the glass, or just be a presence in the paint and effect the opposing offense. His long arms causes him to have a lengthy wing span which helps down low. Tyler can also be a threat on offense at times as he is able to knock his open shots. Certainly will keep my eye on him over his high school career if I am a college scout. The 6’5 forward Tyler Shirley will be running with Team Tuff this spring and summer.


5’7 point guard Sutton Smith – King’s Ridge Christian

Sutton Smith might not be the tallest prospect or the size of the average point guard in today’s game but his IQ and skill on the court is on the same level. Sutton is 5’7 but plays the game so well his size should not even matter. He has great feel for the game as his IQ is better than most prospects. He is a rare vocal guard on offense and defense. Smith is able to set things up on offense and is very patient when the ball is in his hands. Knocking down his perimeter jump shots is a strength of his as well. He is a deadly shooter and oh yea, he is left handed, which makes it even tougher for defenders to keep him in front of them. The 5’7 floor general will be running with Hype Hawks this spring and summer.



6’1 guard Jaylen Harris – North Cobb High School

The 6’1 combo guard Jaylen Harris has already had a couple key games this AAU season which put him on the radar for this summer and next season. Jaylen was one of those freshman who did not really get the significant minutes on the varsity level but continued to standout on his JV squad. He can certainly be marked down as one of Cobb County’s or even the state’s best shooters. Harris has unlimited range from beyond the 3pt line and continues to develop his point guard skills. Jaylen is a legit 6’1 and could arguably be 6’2 as a freshman guard. His body frame is in the right shape for a high school varsity guard. Jaylen is also able to attack off the dribble at times and can be identified as a pure scorer. North Cobb has a bright future with Mr. Harris and a couple of key guards and wings in their program as well for the class of 2020 and 2021. Jaylen will be running with Phoenix Elite this spring and summer.


6’2 guard Matthew Cleveland – Cambridge High School

Matthew is a kid with major upside in his game and I believe college coaches should be in contacting with him as soon as possbile. Matthew posses an inside-out game and can be very effecient when he is on the floor. He has tremendously long arms which gives him the ability to block shots and force turnovers on defense. He reminds me of a young RJ Hampton, a wing who is currently ranked top five in the class of 2020. He shows the ablity to attack off the dribble once his defender closes out on him to hard and finish around the rim. I see a star in the making and his future is bright at Cambridge High School. Matthew will be running with Hype Hawks this spring and summer, the same squad that holds other key 2021 prospects in Sutton Smith and Cole Middleton.