Introducing Mt. Juliet Guard Gavin Wilson (2019)


Posted On: 04/19/18 7:45 PM

FRANKLIN–The last three years Mt. Juliet kept knocking on the door of the Class AAA State Tournament only to be sent away empty-handed.  They inquired if the event was open invite.  It was not.   They tried to find a Facebook invite.  There was none.

Eventually, this March, Mt. Juliet’s Golden Bears settled upon the brutish, mauling of the sturdy wooden door barring their entry.

Gavin Wilson rammed an overwhelmingly strong shoulder into the door by knocking down six three-pointers in Franklin’s gym and Mt. Juliet won 52-46.

The door fell and all of Mt. Juliet ventured to Murfreesboro to support the program.

After the win, Gavin enunciated his feelings and thoughts on the key win.