Introducing Andrew Anderson (2019)


Posted On: 04/19/18 1:08 PM

For Andrew Anderson and Tipton-Rosemark Academy the 2017-2018 basketball season proved sporadically successful.

In Head Coach Cedric Anderson’s first season at TRA, with of course his two sons Andrew (2019) and Alex Anderson (2021) the Rebels won 19 games for the first time in 10 years.  For a team with only two seniors and a brand new coaching staff to complete a 13-game turnaround demands tremendous respect.

And yet the sting of two late February losses still remains two months later.  Both Lausanne Collegiate (73-68) and Grace Christian (71-57) prematurely ended the Rebel rampage through Division II-A.   Despite an exceedingly destructive defense and staggering team-wide quickness, Tipton-Rosemark Academy failed to win either the regional or win a game at state.

What now?

Tipton-Rosemark Academy high school teammates Andrew Anderson and Howard Gray are running with Team Thad Elite 17u.

Both players have skills that indicate basketball will continue beyond high school.

Andrew is a crafty lefty point guard (6’0″) that routinely gets into problem areas.  Like most quality leaders he wants the ball in his hands when the game is on the line.  Even when the defense focuses on Andrew he can break them down with creative maneuvers.  His handle is deceptive and tough to predict.  Anderson likes to bait defenders with little stabbing motions and subtle yet effective body fakes.

“South Alabama and Ole Miss are in touch with (Coach Anderson) about me,” shared Andrew Anderson Thursday afternoon.

Howard is 5-foot-10 and quick.  His game evolved to counter taller defender’s height with an unorthodox body control in traffic.  Gray can finish in traffic and handle backcourt pressure.

Young Blood

Discussing the Tipton-Rosemark turnaround without addressing Class of 2021 wing forward Alex Anderson is woefully negligent.

Standing 6-foot-5, the younger Anderson deservedly received critical opportunities late in tight games.  Already Alex Anderson can move laterally with top-notch upperclassmen guards.  His physical maturity boggles the mind.

Unlike the two older guards, Alex Anderson is certain to be college wing.  With his length the possibilities appear endless.  Tall hoopers who are forced to play at blistering speeds when young can develop exceptional skills.  The plodding, clunky basketball that slow-footed bigs grow up with doesn’t help their development much as the game speeds up.  Alex Anderson will not fall into that trap as he already operates from the wing and will spend this summer with one of the fastest AAU programs in the country…Team Thad 15u.

Tipton-Rosemark made their mark in 2017-2018, but they are far from complacent.  The team has the pieces and apparently the cohesion to improve in Coach Anderson’s second TRA season.

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